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bedroom with wooden floor, white wall and ceiling, grey bed, bookshelves near the nightstands, under the bench Bookhub

Corner With Wooden Floorw, White Wall, White Bench, Pillows, Floating Shelves, Bookshelves Under
Small Brown Wooden Shelves On The Hallways On White Wll
White Large Bookshelves With Large Empty Shelves For Study
White Wall Dorner With White Wooden Floating Bookshelves With Lounge Chair
White Wooden Floating Shelves Around White Study Table With White Chair
A Line Of White Wooden Shelves On The Floor Not More Than 1 Metre In White Painted Room
Brown Wooden Bookcase Behind Headboard Bed, White Linen Bed, Yellow Nightstands, White Table Lamp
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Wall And Ceiling, Grey Bed, Bookshelves Near The Nightstands, Under The Bench
Living Room With Rug Floor, White Sofa, Two Round Coffee Tables, White Shelves On Top, White Covered Floor Lamp
One Line Short Low Shelves On The Floor Under Wall Decorations

Bookcases or bookshelves are something we can’t decline to have.  It’s either magazines recipe book, or novels. They need a place where they will not be the clutters in our home and they will be more taken care of. If you live in limited space that it’s hard to create your own space for books, or you simply love space saving furniture because you love to see everything is tidy and decluttered, you will want to see some ideas below on how bookcases can be implemented in your house without taking too much space.


Welcoming Guests

If you are one of the people who have benches in their entrance, you can create your bookcase under the bench. With books view from the entrance, people will see warm and open minded welcome. Or, if you don’t have entrance but you do have benches, you can still stack your books under it.


On Top

Another place you can put your bookcase is on top of your sofa in the living room. While it can serve you as a place to store your books, it can also help you arrange your personal accessories.


Study Room Combination

To make your bookcase less intimidating standing alone, you can always combine it with another function like study. In this picture, you can see that a study space is created in the shelves. This can be alternated with sofa in the living room, or  your bed.


Adjusting Space

If in the previous one it’s the study space that adjusting to the shelves, in this one here, the bookcase is the one which adjust to the space the study table left. To make the room feel lighter, floating open shelves is used in this one. And with its all white color, the room feels wide and the colorful cover of the books do not make clutter in the eyes.


So Low

To make your room feels wide, you would want to make sure you have enough space for air circulation and that not too many things are on your eyes heights. Thus, this kind of shelf would be perfectly recommended shelves for you who love wide space room.


Under the Colorful Pictures

If you love the idea of having low bookcase but you want something shorter and smaller, these simple boxes can help you build the one you want. You just need to arrange them in line on the floor. Placing it under your wall decoration where you put personal pictures can save you the thoughts as to where to put them.


Keep It Inside

If books have become something personal for you, something precious, you might want to keep them stored inside the bedroom. TO make your bedroom do not look too cluttered when you go to sleep, you can put them behind or on top of your headboard.


Under the Bench, On the Corner

If books have been seriously part of your life and you want to store it in your bedroom, do you know you can do it even without a real bookshelves? Yes, bench like this one here in the picture can help you so much. Not only that, bedside table also hides a great quality to be a place to keep your books. This is a perfect thing for a real bookish.


Use Every Space

To make the most of your space, you can turn a small hallway into bookshelves. With small floating shelves like this that you can easily done yourself, you create a nice place for your book.


Comfortable Corner

Interested in making a special corner for bookish? Even small area of the wall can provide more than you can imagine. With floating shelves, tidily and tightly arranged, this has already been a perfect thing.

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