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White Baby Crib Polcadot Pink Rug Red Tent Fabric Baskets White Wall Cream Ceiling Pendant Lamp
Baby Crib With Blue Ribbon Cream Rug Blue Painted Wall Green Painted Ceiling Light Blue Curtains Bamboo Shades Book Storage With Wheels
Wooden Crib White Cabinets Wall Ceiling Cream Rug Table Set For Kids Tent Grey Curtains White Chair Baby Stroller
Fruit Wall Art Wooden Fruit Cream Rug Baby Crib Open Wooden Cabinets With White Doors White Wall Ceiling
Zebra Artwork Polkadot Wallpaper White And Black Blanket Rug Roound Mirrors Teddy Bear And Soft Toys White Pillow
Cream Wall Baby Crib Striped Cloud Pillow Wall Mounted Shelves White Sofa Blanket Accent Rug
Built In Bookcases Blue Painted Wall Green Curtains Pillow And Blanket Pendant Lamp Cream Rug Hardwood Floor
Woven Shades Baskets White Curtains Walls Table Lamp White Cabinets Cream Sofa Sleek Stainless Steel Cabinet Cream Rug White Rug Hardwood Floors
White Crib Wall Sticker Winnie The Pooh Bears White Wall Cream Rug Open Cabinet Woven Baskets
Blue Cupboard Colored Curtains Teddy Bear Blue Wall White Crib White Wall Cream Rug Children Chair

A home needs a nursery room so our baby can comfortably sleep there. Thus, we need to keep the nursery room in good shape. It needs crib as the main furniture and baby toys and books to fill the room. Here you can find ideas on bookshelf for nursery to make your baby room to look cozy.

Nursery Room in Cream Tone

This nursery room uses cream tones in the wall and the sofa. You will find peace when you want to spend time with your baby in this room.


Nursery Room with fruit Accessories

It is a good idea to introduce fruit to your babies through fruit wall art and wooden fruit so they can start loving them and it will ease your job giving them nutritious fruits for them when they grow up.

fruit wall art wooden fruit cream rug baby crib open wooden cabinets with white doors white wall ceiling

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Nursery Room in Green and Blue Tones

The neon inspired palette of blue and green colors in the nursery room give the fun and fresh touch. It can also stimulate your baby as well. This gender-neutral nursery is a good idea for you who don’t want to renovate this room.


White and Brown Nursery Room

This room uses rattan woven shades and baskets to give texture to the nursery room. This will amplify the power of cloud-white nursery idea and the furniture and the decor. This room is perfectly used for baby girl.


Pink Nursery room for Girls

Pink is identified with girls for a long time and this baby room is as fabulous as other room. The soft toys will make her to be happy.


Simple Blue Nursery Room

This room uses simple blue cupboards and soft colors. The owner gives the details on the curtains and the toys. You can add some accessories in the cupboards’ doors to make them to be less monotone.


Black and White Themed nursery Room

The nursery room below uses the white and black color to give contrasting accent in the nursery room. The zebra artwork combines well with the blanket and the wallpaper. This room can also be a cozy home office for adults.


Gender Neutral Nursery with Built in Bookcases

The nursery room below uses built in bookcases painted in light blue. The wall paint also has the same color tone while the owner adds the green color to balance the room to look elegant in gender neutral nursery. You can change the green tone if the olive green doesn’t please your eyes.


Simple White Nursery room

The nursery room below uses minimalist furniture to create space on the room. This is good for your kid’s growth as there will be minimum danger when they learn to walk. Put the toys and the books on the shelves to distance them with your child.


Cartoon Character Theme in the Nursery Room

The last nursery room uses Winnie the Pooh as the theme in the nursery room. If you had other favorite characters, you can use it as the theme. Not only will the room look cute, the decoration will also be pleasing.


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