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Wooden Bookshelves, Movable Boxes, Corner
Bookshelves, Unique Shape
Bookshelves, Round Frames
Wooden Bookshelves With Unique Frame
Wooden Bookshelves In Brown, White Wall, Shaped Like Tree
Corner Bookshelves With Wooden Box And Boards
White And Green Wooden Bookshelves, White Wall, Wooden Floor
Corner Bookshelves With White Boards, And B Ends
Wooden Door, Bookshelves On The Back
Bookshelves, Round With Horizontal Middle

Bookshelves are really important in the house. When you love to read, you would have books around and it can be really messy, especially when you are a collector of a book series. Even if you don’t like to read, bookshelves would be a great place to store your accessories. And is below would help you get you some inspirations on how you would want your bookshelves look like.

Small Corner
If you only have some small space in the corner, you can go with corner shelves. And you might want to also make sure that you get the simplest and lightest design like this one here. Not only these are simple shelves, the white color makes it even simpler and easier to put in the small corner.

Tip of the Globe
This round shaped bookshelves make a pretty look in the wall like it is a part of a globe that is let on to be seen. Although it has different width of boards, it still can put your books in tidy lines.

Cornered Tree
This one puts a really beautiful wooden tree for holding the books safely and strongly. The horizontal lines of the board allows you too put your books easily while it is still able to give such a pretty look in the room.

Behind the Door
For those who have limited space and prefer something so simple, this secret shelves behind the door might make you really happy. The simplicity and neutral look is an easy companion for any room. With this door, you will also save your space from bulky and sturdy furniture that can take up lots of space.

Lines Combination
These lines on the wall makes a really place to put your books. The combination of green and white lines intersect beautifully and create a perfect place to put your books and accessories.

Asymmetrical Lines
If you love a unique and interesting lines in bookshelves, you would love to place with the lines that frame the shelves. This one here not only has an unusual boxes, it also has a pretty and unique frame around it.

Geometrical Shelves
This pretty lines and triangle boards create an interesting geometrical shape that will not only give you a place to store your books but also a beautiful touch in the room.

Moon and Clouds
The bookshelves below gives a really great embodiment of moon and wave of clouds with its wooden moon-shaped bookshelves and white boards and blue round accessories.

Corner Shelves
This is another corner storage that you would love. Floating on the wall and have lights and simple look on it has made it a bright furniture on the corner of the wall, especially with plants.

Flowers in the Corner
These wooden boxes made a flower shape looks so gorgeous and interesting. Placed in the corner, it gives the small space a really pretty touch.

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