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breakfast nook, wooden floor, white round table, white chairs with golden legs, white shelves, pink tufted sofa Money can Buy Lipstick

Breakfast Nook, Black Floor, Black White Bench, White Round Tulip, Rattan Chairs, White Wall
Breakfast Nook, Wooden Floor, White Bench, Window, Wooden Rectangular, Geometrical Pendant
Breakfast Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Rug, White Bench, White Round Table, Rattan Pendant, White Floating Shelves, White Cabinet
Breakfast Nook, Wooden Floorm White Wall, Wooden Built In Bench, Brown Leather Cushion, White Oval Table, White Baloon Pendant
Breakfast Nook, Wooden Floor, White Bench With Drawers, Grey Chairs, Rattan Pendant, White Round Table
Breakfast Nook, Wooden Floor, Black Wooden Wall, White Built In Bench, Pillows, White Round Table, Rattan Chairs, Chandelier
Breakfast Nook, Grey Bench, Blue Chairs With Golden Lines, White Round Table, Grey Floor, Chandelier
Breakfast Nook, Wooden Floor, White Round Table, White Chairs With Golden Legs, White Shelves, Pink Tufted Sofa
Breakfast Nook, White Bench With White Cushion, White Wall, Chandelier, Round Table, Wooden Floors
Breakfast Nook, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, Pink Wallpaper, Pink Shelves, White Bench, Pink Pillows, White Round Tables, Black Chair

Wonderfully decorated room is really an amazing thing to see and to use. Putting it on the breakfast nook would make your morning feels amazing, especially when it is positioned near the window where you can look around to see the view and welcome the morning sun. Having breakfast nook will also help you gather with your friends and family even closer. The more intimate environment would make the breakfast feel more comfortable. These below are ten breakfast nooks that will help you waking up freshly.

Light and White
This breakfast nook looks amazing with bright look upon it. The white bench blends well with white wall and rug, as well as the white cushion seen on the rattan chair. The white pendant above completes the white nook that is brightened by windows on the side.

Corner in the Middle
This breakfast nook creates a modern look with open space and the simple bench. The open space makes the room looks airy and large too. And the simple look is prettified with the chandelier above.

Contrast Nook
This corner makes an interesting nook with a nice contrast between the black wall and the built-in white bench. The rattan chairs make a nice balance, along with the wooden floor. The pendant is another thing that makes a nice contrast.

Fresh and Warm
This breakfast nook makes a really fresh look, positioned near the window. Surrounded with white wooden wall, the breakfast nook brings out the best look. Completed with brown leather cushion, the bench gives out a warm look while the pendants give interesting touch.

Adorable Small Nook
This nook looks incredible with the small yet elegant details. Even though it is in limited space, the nook has comfortable and elegant blue chairs and grey sofa. With chandelier completes the nook in a really special touch.

Pretty White
Compiled in the side of the kitchen, this breakfast nook looks so easy to dine in. Positioned near the window, this breakfast nook looks bright and fresh. The white bench, grey chairs and white round table brings out similar ambiance. The drawers under the bench creates more storage to you.

Small Traditional
This small space makes a really comfortable and traditional look. The modern bench is completed with pillows and this comfortable look is supported with rattan chairs and pendant. This is also completed with white floating shelves and cabinet.

Breakfast Nook
Created in small corner, this one here successfully has small and compact design seen on the bench. The simple table has interesting table foot that is completed with white golden geometrical pendant above.

Pinkish Nook
This nook looks so sweet in its blushed pink look. The pink wallflower completes the pink wall and chairs and pillows while the black chairs give an interesting contrast to the room. The shelves on the wall gives a pretty look to the pink surrounding.

White and Pink
This nook makes an interesting combination of white surrounding and pink tufted sofa. The white marble table, chairs and shelves make a fresh and bright look to the nook while the pink tufted sofa makes a comfortable look.

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