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alley with herringbone brick floor, white wall, white framed tall window, clear glass pednant, white bench Cococozy

Herringbone Brick Floor On The Entrance, Console Table, Table Lamp, Pendant, Green Sofa
Brick Floor In The Dining Room, Wooden Dining Table, Grey Chairs, White Chair To Read, Cabinet, Chandelier
Brick Floor In The Entrance, Beige Wall, Wooden Beams, White Ceiling, Chandelier
Brick Herringbone Floor On The Front Terrace, White Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Classic Pendant, White Rocking Chairs, White Posts
Brick Floor In The Ktichen, White Cabinet, White Island, Wooden Top, White Wooden Ceiling And Beams
Brick Herringbone Floor In The Entrance, White Planks Wall, Black Geometrical Cabinet, Wall Decorations
Brick Floor In The Entrance, Green Shabby Cabinet, Wooden Bench, Pednant, White Wall And Ceiling
Brick Herringbone Floor In The Atio, Wooden Dining Set With Bench, Indigo Bed, Plants
Brick Herringbone Floor On The Entrance, White Plank Wall, Pednant, Wooden Cabinet
Alley With Herringbone Brick Floor, White Wall, White Framed Tall Window, Clear Glass Pednant, White Bench

There are many things you can do to make your house feel warm and comfortable. You can choose the furniture you need and you can paint the room in warm color. Another thing is by choosing the right floor. If you’re looking for something unusual, you would love to see how brick floor can accommodate your house with the warm it needs. Here below are ten stunningly warm brick floor in the house.

On the Terrace
Seen here, the floor is using open brick layout. Arranged in herringbone pattern, the open brick layout brings the classical front terrace even more solid.

On the Entrance
The brick layout here is used on the entrance floor. With dark colored, this brick contrasts the white plank wall and brings a pronounced look. The lines between the bricks are also interesting as it makes the pattern pops out.

Warm in the Entrance
Similar to the previous one, this one also has herringbone pattern on the floor created by bricks. In the entrance, the brick floor gives a warm red hue to welcome people. This classic touch would make the entrance look unique.

Rustic Entrance
Besides making the room warmer, brick floor can also help a room to get some rustic vibe, like this one. Although the alley is minimalist, but the details are rustic and the brick floor strengthen the look.

In the Patio
With its earthy tone and material, brick is perfect too for the patio. Seen in this picture below, the patio is warmed with the brick. And it is matched with wooden dining set with its natural feeling.

In the Kitchen
Installing brick floor in the kitchen can brings out all the warmth. And it can be easily matched with farmhouse and rustic look. However, a combination with modern look can make the room balanced.

Back Entrance
While brick can be a great welcoming for the front door, it can also be a great thing you see before leaving the house from the back.

Front Entrance
From the front entrance of the same house as the previous one, this one also have a warm welcoming. This one completes the welcoming look with green sofa and console table.

In the Dining Room
As dining room is a place to communicate and social activity, it is important to make it as comfortable as you can. And brick floor is one of the perfect solutions to create a traditional vibe with strong warmth character.

In the Alley
Creating warm and traditional look can be done in anywhere in the house. If you have alley and you think it is too empty, it would be best to create some sparks to it. And brick floor is probably one the best options that can be done, like this one. With bright light from the window, it might definitely be one of the most beautiful view in the house.

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