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dining room, wooden floor, black glass pendants, wooden rectangular table, black wooden chairs, large glass window Domain

Dining Room, Light Blue Floor, Blue Chairs, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Wired Round Pendant, White Wall, Glass Ceiling, Glass Window, Blue Bottom Cabinet, White Kitcehn Top
Dining Room, Dark Wooden Floor, White Round Table, White Modern Chairs, White Square Wall Tiles, Tall Glass Window, Shelves, Green Bottom Cabinet
Dining Room, Black White Checkered Floor Tiles, White Wall, Stainless Steep Table, Wooden Chairs, Red Metal Chair, Pendant, Glass Door
Dining Room, Grey Floor Tiles, Beige Wall, Wooden Table And Chairs, Wooden Stool, Wooden Pendant
Dining Room, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Glass Pendants, Yellow Long Rectangular Table, Colorful Chairs And Sofa, Tall Window
Dining Room, Grey Floor, Black Rug, Wooden Table, Black Woden Chairs, White Wall, White Ceiling, Rattan Pendant, Wooden Cabinet, Black Cabinet
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Black Glass Pendants, Wooden Rectangular Table, Black Wooden Chairs, Large Glass Window
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Bulb Pendant, Wooden Table, Black Stainless Steel Chairs, Glass Window
Dining Room, White Floor, White Wall, White Pendant, Wooden Round Table, Modern Chairs, Wooden Chelves, Tall Glass Window, Glass Door
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Glass Window With Black Frame, Black Pendants With Golden Inside, Wooden Table With Black Modern Chairs

As dining room is a place to socialize, it is important to make a dining room comfortable. It is important to make a dining room a place where everyone wants to stay long and talk more. And one of the tricks is to make it warm and familiar. And here below are ten gorgeous dining room with bright windows that will obviously make a dining room feel warm and calming.

Open Bright
In this dining room with different chairs surround the rectangular table, the modern and comfortable set is warmed with maximum level of light from the large glass window and opened glass door.

Warm Corner
In this small round dining table in the middle of the kitchen, the tall glass windows give the brightest light as well as interesting view at day and night. Complemented with white square tiles on the wall, the kitchen looks glinting with the reflection. With white modern dining set, the space sends an invitation to hang around for a while.

Modern Corner
The vibe in this small modern dining set is really nice. Facing a beautiful garden, it is only understandable that the wall on this side is installed with tall glass window and glass door.

Under the Sky
This pretty blue dining set secures the best place possible in this picture. Positioned under the glass ceiling near the glass window, this small and beautiful blue gets the best light. With the glass, it would make it the warmest dining room.

Neutral White
This spacious kitchen with neutral white color looks gorgeous near the tall glass windows. The light from outside and the white color on the wall and floor makes a perfect combination. And to spice things up, the dining set is presented in bold jewel colors with yellow table, mustard, purple, blue, and brown chairs with pink sofa.

Bright Black
This one here uses black to make a bold move. With the bright room, black accent will surely takes the attention. It will surely holds the room’s charm.

Warm Dining
This one shows its warmth in the wooden floor and table. Complemented with black steel chairs, this dining room looks warm as well as modern. The glass windows on the walls does not look too strong but gives the best light anyway.

Modern Farmhouse
With the black floor, rug, and chairs surround the wooden dining table, the environment looks dark yet warm, especially as it is completed with wooden cabinet and rattan pendant above the table. The bright light from the glass wall side has brought the best light to the room.

Near the Window
Just like the previous one, this dining set is also positioned near the window. And with a gorgeous view like this, it is never a mistake. The modern arrangement meets the simple glass window as well as the glass pendant.

Natural Look
This natural dining set with wooden table, chairs, and pendant looks amazing. Even the wall is painted in natural brown that matches the whole sight. The bright light makes this set looks warmer and more natural, if that’s even possible.

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