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bright entrance, blue wall, white console table, brown patterned floor, pink white painting Elle Decor

Bright Entrance, Pink Wall, Wooden Floor, Colorful Rug, White Console Table, Mirror, Paintings
Bright Entrance, Blue Wall, White Console Table, Brown Patterned Floor, Pink White Painting
Bright Entrance, White Wall, White Ceiling, Glass Ceiling, White Bench, Colorful Painting, Red Door
Bright Entrance, Yellow Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Blue Chair
Bright Entrance, Blue Wall, Pink Piano, Wooden Floor, Red Bench
Bright Entrance, Blue Wall, White Grey Floor, Rattan Ottoman
Bright Entrance, Yellow Door, White Wall, Black Floor, Purple Pattern Rug And Mat
Bright Entrance, Green Wall, White Wainscoting, Black Floor, Black Purple Bench
Bright Entrance, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, White Wainscoting, Black Stairs, Chandelier, Shelves, Console Table
Bright Entrance, Blue Wall, Orange Bench, Golden Chandelier

Entrance is a place where you welcome your guest as well as yourself at the end of the day. It is a place where you want to show a little summary of your house. If you want to be welcomed with bright and energizing welcome, you would love the bright and pop colors welcome you in the entrance. These below are some inspirations that you would love to see.

Energizing Wall
One of the brightest colors that would help you get the fullest energy is probably yellow. This one here can show how exactly yellow can help you get that. Balanced with dark wooden floor and cabinet, the pop color looks even brighter.

Blue Entrance
This blue accent wall looks so fresh in the entry way. With a nice paintings in the center that adds to its pretty combination, the entrance looks refreshing to the comer to the house. The rattan stools add the texture and surely makes it even prettier.

Pop Pink
This sweet pink radiates a fun and energizing feeling. Combined with several wall decoration, the wall looks really popped out. The dark wood accent plays as a great balance to the pop color. And the colorful rug enunciates well with the pop feeling.

Welcoming Piano
Although piano is usually seen in the living room, putting piano in the entrance can give a strong musical feeling from the first step. And choosing bright colors will illuminate the unique and fun combination the piano starts.

Pop Painting
If you love to be welcomed by cheerful and energizing aura but you don’t want to paint your wall with something bright, you can keep the minimalist touch on the entrance but adding something pop to spice things up, like a painting or a vase that contrasts its surrounding.

Classic Pink
Although pink is somewhat so pop culture, it can combine with classic touch. Here it shows an entrance with pink wall combines with chandelier and classic console table. The combination is amazing.

Pop Door
Adding pop and strong color does not have to be a hard work. This one here stays with white simple entrance but adds a prominent touch with red door. This strong color puts the whole white entrance strong and interesting.

Warm Orange
This one here uses warmer colors although can still put the whole sight into something bright and warm. The combination is completed with warm golden light in the chandelier.

Yellow Purple
This one here presents the bright energy with yellow door and the patterned yellow rug and mat. The combination pops out the sight really well. The black floor and white wall balances the look not to look too much.

Fresh Green
This one puts refreshing green on the wall with gloss finish. This adds the fresh look of the wall. And combines it with white and black at the bottom, the sight looks balanced.

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