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living room, wooden floor, white wall, grey sofa, white chair, grey rug, round tray coffee table, white floor lamp Instagram - Fredrik Karlsson

Creating a fun and bright room can be easy. You can put many colorful accessories to make the room feel playful and cheerful. However, for those prefer the more subtle modern look, this might not really what they want to see. For that, windows are the best thing ever, especially for a living room where you get to meet your family and friends and have party too. Putting windows would benefit a lot to the living room. Here below are ten comfortable living rooms whose windows have brightened the mood.

The Tall White Brightness
The bright living room looks so lively with tall ceiling and all those windows. The ceiling itself is decorated with glass, along with the wall and door. This has made the living room looks lively and perfectly bright.

Bright and Warm
This one here gives both warm and bright look in the space. The living room looks so comfortable and warm with all the wooden floor, cabinet and tray coffee table. The rattan chair is a really nice touch in this room.

Warm Behind
When the room is too bright, simple curtain is suffice to help you minimize the brightness. Seen in this one, the comfortable room is helped by white curtain which close not only the window but also the bookshelves under the window.

Red Velvet
This living room combines the bright look form the door with warm red velvet sofa and chair. It is completed with brown leather ottoman as the coffee table which ensures even more warmth. The traditional setting is so beautiful but the red color makes the beauty bolder.

Fresh Green
If you want to refresh a room, using green color works the best. This striped green sofa here gives the proof in its simplicity and comfortable look. With such brightness, the living room looks even fresher.

Old Brightness
People from the old times love to have windows because it is the natural energy to the room at days whether to light or to freshen the room. S, it is understandable if you have old building and you found yourself with best windows. In this room, special touch is set by the vaulted ceiling and the window. The green velvet sofa, wooden table and rattan chair looks light and easy here.

Bright Modern Natural
The next bright living room would be this one below with modern and natural touches. The neutral grey and black seating make the room look neutral enough. But the plants and the lighting fixture make the room more lively.

Cheerful and Sweet
This bright and cheerful living room has made a sweet comfortable look with its pink sofa and chairs. The pink patterned rug has completed the pink look that it is nice to see white plants and diverse the pillows.

Comfortable Modern Brightness
This is another modern living room that looks so cheerful and comfortable at the same time. The patterns on the wooden floor makes a strong touch to the neutral sofa and table. With windows at the back, the room looks incredible.

Comfortable and Secluded
For those of you who love quiet place, you would love this one. The easy and neutral grey sofa and white chair along with wooden tray coffee table has made the room looks simple yet warm and fresh with the help of the fresh air and outside view. In a quiet place, you would love this setting.

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