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Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Glass Wall Window, Wooden Cabinets, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Coffee Table, Brown Sofa, Green Lounge Chair, Wooden Sida Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Soft Colorful Rug, Yelow Chair, Yellow Lounge Chair, Blue Sofa, White Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Shelves
Living Room Under The Sloping Ceiling, Ceiling Windows, Rattan Rug, Brown Leather Chairs, Green Dark Velvet Sofa, Rattan Cupboard
Apartmen Living Room, Grey Floor, Black Sofa, Black Low Cabinet, Mirrored Wall, Glass Wall
Living Room, Blue White Rug, Green Velvet Sofa, Round Wooden Coffee Table, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Black Chair, Blue Partition, Sloping Glass Ceiling
Tall Living Room, Brown Floor, Brown Rug, Brown Sofa, Chair, Wooden Booksheles, Wooden Wall, Yellow White Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Cabinet And Shelves, Orange Chair, White Chair, Yellow Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Brick Wall, Orange Velvet Chair, Blue Sofa, Long Coffee Table, Floating Shelves, Tall Glass Window
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, White Open Brick Wall, White Corner Sofa, Blue Chairs, Wooden Coffee Table, Glass Window, Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Grey Sofa, Blue Chairs, Wooden Coffee Table, Large Glass Window

Large glass window will make any room feel brighter and warmer. With the bright light and the pretty view, any room with large glass window will feel so comfortable. It’s like you can see how life is outside without really going out. And that’s what you will get when you put tall large glass window in your living room. Here below are ten stunning living room that can show you how pretty and warm a living room can be with tall large glass window.

Under the Sky
Enjoying your relaxing time under the sky without going out of the room can be really fun. You can enjoy the sun light while sitting around in the sofa with your friends and family. Although having a sloping ceiling is of course a privilege you have with your house. But, imagine the bright light and the fun!

Round Window
This one here too is related to the privilege you have with the house. This house has an endearing architecture where the tall and large window and door combines pretty and well. Completed with comfortable blue sofa and orange chair, it is a perfect spot to hang around inside the house.

Simple Comfort
In this bright living room, the vibe is so simple yet comfortable. The lanky and lean chairs, sofa, and coffee table support the modernity of the room that is also showed int he architecture of the room.

Comfortable and Bright
In this bright living room, the comfort is set by the white corner sofa and the green chairs. It is also created by the wooden coffee table tat offers warm look. The tall glass window brings in the maximum light to the living room, making it more fun.

Open Living Room
If you love to be so open, a glass window wall like this will strengthen the openness that you seek. This one here is completed with natural material and neutral color all over the room.

Warm and Fresh
This warm and fresh living room gets the warmth from the wooden floor and wooden cabinets on one side of the wall while it gets the freshness from the green lounge sofa and the bright light that the glass window accommodates.

Tall Living Room
This one here looks amazing with its tall room that allows fresh air to always flow through. And not only the spacious and tall space, the openness of the room also brings the room in even more fun vibe.

Fresh Living Room
This one here shows a fresh look with all the soft colors on the rug, the yellow colored chairs and ottoman, and the green comfortable sofa. One side of the room is glass wall and window that it creates a really fresh ambiance, especially with all the tress outside.

Small but Bright
Although the space is quite small, this one here shows an open room with fresh air and bright light.

Comfort Under the Sky
Similar to the first one, this one here also has an interesting architecture with sloping ceiling that brings in maximum level of light.

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