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living room, wooden floor, white rug, brown leather sofa, wooden chairs with white cushion, wooden long round coffee table, round mirror on the white wall, plants The Anastasia Co

Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Table With Metal Leg, Open Brick Wall, White Sofa
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Brown Leather Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, White Wall, Round Glass Window
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rug, Brown Sofa, Pillows, Round Ottoman For Coffee Table, Basket, White Wall, White Curtain, Floor Lamp
Living Room, Grey Floor, Rug, Wooden Coffee Tables, Brown Sofas, Pillows, Green Wall, Wall Decorations, Plants, Study Table
Living Room, Brown Rug, Wooden Chest As Coffee Table, Brown Leather Corner Sofa, White Wall
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Coffee Table, Rattan Rug, White Fur Rug, White Chair, Brown Leather Corner Sofa, Brown Wooden Cabinet, Round Mirror, Rattan Covered Chandelier
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rug, Brown Sofa, Round Coffee Table, Wooden Stool, Basket, White Color, Brown Textured Wall
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rug, Brown Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, White Cabinet, TV, Wooden Rack, Soft Yellow Wall
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Brown Leather Sofa, Wooden Chairs With White Cushion, Wooden Long Round Coffee Table, Round Mirror On The White Wall, Plants
Living Room, Red Rug, Brown Leather Sofa, Open Kitchen, White Wall

Living room has been a place where people gather, talk, and have fun together with their dearest ones. It is important to make a living room feels completely inviting to do all that. One of the things that can be done is by creating a living room with comfortable and warm nuance. And that can be done by having it splashed in a warm color scheme, like brown. These below are some ideas on making a comfortable looking living room with brown scheme.


Dark Warm

Brown can be implemented on so many level color scheme either in light or dark. This one here has a dark nuance but balanced with soft yellow wall and white cabinet. The dark brown sofa and coffee table look amazing together too.


Creamy Brown

Furnishing is an important part of the room that determine the final look of a room. Here this one creates warm from the wooden floor and enhances it with the sofa, woven basket, ottoman, wooden floor lamp.


Comfortable Leather

Some leather can bring out elegance with its smooth and sleek surface. But, with a fluffy brown leather, the nuance brought out is comfortable and warm. Imagine curling on a comfortable brown leather sofa in a wintry days.


Brown Brick

Enticing warmth and comfort can be done by displaying open brick on the wall. This rustic characteristic offers warmth to the living room combined with wooden coffee table and rug. It doesn’t matter that the sofa is off white as the surrounding has been warm enough.


Combining Two

As sometimes a living room can hold one sofa enough for everybody, some other times, it needs more than one. Combine two colors of sofa can bring more warmth to the room, especially when it’s in warm color scheme.


Comfort Zone

Another thing that can enhance warmth is by adding some natural enforces, like plants. The green on plants can bring the room some joy without ruining the comfort the brown creates. Combining someĀ  pots on the floor, table, or even on the wall can create comfortable vibes for the room.


Simple Furniture

When thinking about comfort, sometimes it creates the picture of some pillows suggly on the sofa where you can lying around perfectly. However, when the pillows are too much, a brown leather sofa can do perfectly well too. Combined with a wooden chest for a coffee table, it looks amazing and personal.


On Open Room

Sometimes, creating a vibe for an open room can be challenging. However, with white wall, it seems easily done. And creating comfort in white will only need wooden floor, and some other wooden furniture. Adding brown leather sofa can be a great thing to do that will match the wood color.


A Little Bit Boho

Although bohemian style can be a little bit too much for some people, adding one or two characteristics of bohemian style in a modern look living room can add some warmth. With the modern look coffee table, white chair, white rug, the macrame and plants are welcomed to add some more dimensions.


Brown Orange

To get a warm and cheerful room, a hint of cheerful color can be added too, like orange. Brown orange colored furniture and look have been so easy to find. Adding some orange hint can brings the room a warmer and more cheerful note.

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