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Nice Bunk Beds in Small Space

When you need two bedroom but you don’t have the space, you can join them in bunk beds. Having bunk beds doesn’t mean that you need large space. Of course, having large space is more preferable because the stuffs will be all over the space. But, you can still trick that with having good storage. Now, you might want to see several choices you can have when you need bunk bed. Here are some of great ideas from small room with bunk beds.

Tall and High

If your room is small, you can try to remodel it and build it higher. This way, the room will be airier and have larger illusion.

white high bunk bed with storage under, white wooden stairs and curtain
Abran Rubiner Photography

Slanted Stairs

Even though there’s small space to improvise the model of the bunk beds, this slanted stairs does not take that much of a space. It gives a nice touch to the bunk beds.

white wooden bunk beds with slanting stairs, rails for upper bed
Carolyn Reyes

L Shaped Bunk Beds

When people are with small room, people tend to paint the room in nude or white. If you are one of these people, you will like this red bunk bed. And the other thing about this bunk bed is that it has its own space for the stairs so that it gives more space for you to keep your stuff like books or phone.

L shaped red wooden bunk beds
New Theme

Rustic Bunk Bed

This one is really a nice designed bunk bed. It is actually wall mounted and connected with copper stairs. There is safety chains that connected the bed to the wall. This bunk bed is really simple with nothing other than the bed is seen. This will give a light feeling. And because there are so much space seen, it doesn’t look too crowded.

wall mounted bunk beds, with wooden frame with leather tufted accent, chains, copper stairs

Tree Bed

This bunk bed is really cute. The bunk bed itself is made simple and probably it is for the stairs that looks so cute for kids. The stairs and the rails for the upper bed are connected and are shaped like branch.

white bunk beds with storage under, brown wooden stairs shaped like branch for rails
Optimise Design

Storage Under

One of the challenges on a room with bunk bed is that there is more than one person to keep their stuffs. That is why, bunk bed with storage under the bed or in the head board will be really useful. And if the bunk bed comes with great design as this one, people will be joyful.

wooden bunk beds with white tainted wood, storage under
Caroline Burke Designs & Associates

Bunk Bed for Four

In bedroom for temporary use, like in a villa for group activity, some might say, the more beds, the more helpful it will be. And this one is a bunk bed for four. Of course, it is with storage under. And the design gives the large illusion too.

wooden bunk beds without rails, storage under, wooden storage
Shubin Donaldson

Shelves on Headboard

The thing about small room is that you have to take caution to the storage. You will want to be able to keep all the stuffs but you do not want the cramped space. In this bunk bed, the space for storage is under the bed. And for a great idea, it also has shelves on each head board.

white wooden bunk beds with strorage under and shelves on both headboard, brown wooden stairs
Thea Segal Designs, Inc.

Sliding Rails

This one is really nice. It is as if each bed has its own room and who doesn’t like some privacy? With the sliding rail, it doesn’t make it difficult to move to the upper bed even if there is some “wall” between.

white bunk beds with room, storage under, slidin brown wooden rail
Riley Besand Co. Custom Cabinets

Storage in Stairs

This is another great idea. Not only it gives the great design on the bunk bed, it is also gives more storage.

white bunk beds with stairs for storage
Able and Baker Cabinets