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wooden bunk bed with boards on upper bed, white wall, wooden floor, rug, floating shelves Home of Pondo

White Bunk Bed, Wooden Floor, Pink Rug, Pink Wall, White Patterned Wallpaper, Green Pendant, Floating Shelves, Green Wire Shelves
Wooden Bunk Bed With White Board, Double Bed At The Bottom Area, Wooden Floor, Green Classic Cabinet With Mirror
Think Light Wooden Bunbed, Wooden Floor, Rattan Ottoman, Green Wall
Wooden Bunk Bed With Boards On Upper Bed, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Rug, Floating Shelves
Wooden Bunk Bed Wit Trundel Under, Stairs, Side Table
Wooden Bunk Bed With Black Boards On Upper Bed And Wooden Frame, Toys Room Under
Light And Sturdy Wooden Bunkbed Wth Grey Board, Grey Wall, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Rug, Wall Decoration
Wooden Bunk Bed With House Shaped Frame On The Upper, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Round Blue Rug, Side Stool
Wooden Light Bunk Bed With White Boards, Canopy, Double Bed On The Bottom, Wooden Floor
Wooden Light Bunk Bed, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Box, Brown Rug, Pillows

Bunk bed for kids is a great option to solve the space problem when you have limited room for kids. Sometimes, it is a better options too when you are trying to bond your children to be closed to each other. However, sometimes, the room can be small too. And to create a comfortable space without having to make your kids share a cramped bedroom, these bedrooms here might be able to give you some inspirations.

Simple and Light
One of the ways to make a light room is having furniture with light look. This one here is a perfect example on the light and thin look that will help people to see that it is not bulky and takes too much space. Starting the bed from the floor without legs makes it have the simplest look ever. The simplicity is a great match for the wooden floor and wooden basket.

Simply Matched
Similar to the previous one, this one also has the thin and light look in the bunk bed. The stairs to climb to the upper bed is not limited on its stairs but also on the headboard. This will be a great place for kids to climb up and down while playing.

Boards on Head & Foot
Also designed with light look, this sturdy bunk bed does not look bulky at all despite the height. The light wooden platform matches the wooden floor well. Added by grey board both on head and foot, obviously makes this one look stronger and more spacious.

Simply Fun
While the other takes simplicity in its most possibility, this one here puts some fun details on the upper bed. Wooden frame shaped like house is easy and fun to see. And it will help kids to create their own imagination. Covered by this fun color, the fun doubles more and more.

Safety Boards
This one also displays the simplicity and the easy look of a bunk bed. With neutral color and simple detail, it will not make a bedroom looks cramped. The floating shelves and the decorations centered in the bunk bed still looks acceptable and fun.

Neutral White
If the space is limited but your children want to decorate the room in the most fun way possible, this adorable bedroom can give you some inspirations. While the shelves, table, pendant, and rug are colorful, the bunk bed is in neutral white.

Two Means
While the previous ones show how bunk bed frame can be used for two beds, this one here shows that the bottom bed area can be turned into another space like toys room. This one here puts a private space to play around with boards and windows on the bottom beds area.

Trundle Bed
This one here is the king of space saver as it offers not only bunk bed but also trundle under the bottom bed. It can be a great option for a room with two or three children. It can also be a space for guest or visiting family.

Transition Bed
If you are thinking of transition bed, this one can be an ideal choice. The bottom bunk bed area can be for a double bed with different angle. The rest of the area is used for small and low side table here.

Fun Transition
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts the bed at the bottom area in different angle while adding shelves on the rest of the area.

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