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entrance, dark wooden floor, white wall, golden candelier, wooden table, plants in brown pot, wall decoration, brown rug Maria Killam

Entrance, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Mirror, White Wall, Table With Butterfly Wired Legs Clear Glass Top
Entrance, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Wooden Table, Chairs, Rattan Basket, Pendant, Stairs, Wooden Beam
Entrance, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Beige Wall, Half Round Table With Blackmetal Legs, Candles
Entrance, Black Floor Tiles, Blue Rug, Blue Wooden Table, White Wooden Chair, Blue Wall, White Tall Winscoting
Entrance, Grey Floor Tiles, Grey Rug, Blue Wall, White Tall Wainscoting, Wooden Table, Hooks, White Wooden Chair
Entrance, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Wooden Half Round Table, Wooden Artistic Legs, Pendant
Entrance, White Plant Supports, Wooden Floor, Open Brick Wall, White Door, Grey Mat
Entrance, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Pendant, Wooden Table, Black Metal Legs, Round Mirrpr, Green Table
Entrance, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall, Golden Candelier, Wooden Table, Plants In Brown Pot, Wall Decoration, Brown Rug
Entrance, Wooden Floor, Colorful Rug, White Wall, Blue Door, Wooden Bench, Mirror, Chandelier

Entrance can be the first thing people see when they enter your home. It’s like the simple summary of what they can expect in your house. When you can decorate it warmly, you can also decorate it in simple and calm manner. It all depends on your preference. If you are looking for something calm and make everyone who come to your house see the tranquility, you will like these ten composedly beautiful and simple entrance touch.

Warm and Calm
This one here shows the calm of an entrance on the elegant details showed in the black legs half round table. This beautiful table holds flowers and candles that matches with candle sconce above it that create warm together to welcome people.

Welcoming Plants
While some people want table in their entrance, some other love to welcome their guests with plants arranged fancily. Plants can bring in calm and fresh look to the entrance and it obviously need less care in maintaining its tidiness and cleanness. All you have to do is making sure it’s alive.

Butterfly Effect
This one here is for those who love details on wire. This beautiful butterfly table is really stunning and attractive that your guests will find that as summary, your house is just pretty.

Warm and Artistic
One of the simplest way to make an impression from the entrance is by choosing the most unique touch, like this one. The half round table is not only pretty in sight but also has warm and unique wooden legs that make the entrance looks impressive.

Freshly Warm
This one here has a fresh and warm look. The bold green door puts a fresh vibe in the spacious area with bright light. The wooden table and a rattan plant pot gives the entrance a warm feeling that is in line with wooden floor and rug.

Shabby Entrance
While calm entrance can be achieved by putting something that looks serene, putting something else that looks comfortable also can generate the calm feeling. You will always feel calm when you’re in your element. And if bright and comfortable entrance is what your element is, then it will make you calm.

Neutral in Blue
This one here shows a warm entrance to welcome the guests with white tall wainscoting and blue painted wall. The simple combination is completed with wooden table that match teh simplicity of the room.

Elegant Blue
While the other blue shows warm and comfortable vibe, this one here shows more elegant vibe with its simple wooden bench and pretty chandelier.

Enticing Entrance
This one here only puts the best on the entrance. The rattan basket with flowers, glass cage, and chair shows how friendly and welcoming the host is. And not far from it is a wooden table that matches the set, shows another warm welcome.

Serene Welcome
This one here is another entrance with also uses plants to welcome the guest. Putting the plants in front of the glass window puts more attention to its freshness. The wall decorator and rug shows an interesting touch of Egyptian vibe while the wooden table matches the dark brown look the space has.

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