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Balcony, Grey Floor, White Wall, Rattan Square Ottoman With White Cushion, Rattan Chairs With White Cushion, Hanging Plants, White Fence, Rolling Shade
Balcony, Brown Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Clear Glass Window, Wooden Bench With White Cushion, Black Rattan Cair, Black Coffee Tables, Pergola On The Ceiling
Balcony, Wooden Fence, White Curtain, Pale Orange Curshion, Black Rattan Table And Chair
Hanging Wooden Board With Cushion, Pillows, Woodne Floor, White Fence
Balcony, Wooden Weave Floor, Beige Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Round Table, Yellow Chairs, Silver Pendant, Glass Sliding Door, Glass Window
Balcony, Shade, Brown Floor Tiles, Grey Rattan Chairs, Round Coffee Table, Plants, Grey Wall
Balcony, White Textured Wall And Floor, Round Wooden Table, Wooden Chair With Rattan Seat, Wooden Floor, Clear Glass Ceiling
Balcony, Hanging Wooden Platform, Grey Cushion, Pillows, White Wall, Plants On The Fence And Wall
Balcony, Grey Wooden Floor, Wooden Chairs With Grey Cushion And Back, Wooden Slab Coffee Table, Wooden Bench Along The Fence
Balcony, White Floor Tiles, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Rattan Lounge Chair With White Cushion, Rattan Ottoman With White Cushion

Having balcony can be really fun when you love bright light, open view and air, and the possibility of added space. With balcony, you can turn the space into a living room or dining room where you can enjoy your time with your loved ones. If you’re looking for ideas to get decorate this open space, you will love to see these ten stunning balconies for inspirations.

Relaxing Patio
Balcony can be the best place to relax and enjoy your time. And this one here turn their balcony into some comfortable patio with natural and neutral forces of wooden chairs with grey cushion, wooden bench along the fence, and wooden slab as coffee table.

Under the Bright Sky
It is always a great thing to be able to see the sky when you’re at home. It’s like you don’t have to go out to be outside. And this one here can show you an idea where you can see the sky not only on your side but also from the ceiling. Basking under the sunlight will surely warm and fun.

Bright Balcony
With bright spirit, the balcony can be the perfect place to add bright colors, like seen in this picture. Here, you can see that the bright yellow chair is such a beauty that has make the balcony even more cheerful.

Simple Set
This one here shows a rather simple set for you who love minimalist and modern look. The combination of neutral color and natural material brings warmth to the minimalist balcony.

Rattan Chair
This one here is another balcony with some shade that those who love sweet and romantic touch will love to have. This one also enables you to put some privacy without making the space too dark.

Behind the Shade
If you love the fresh air but also need some privacy, adding some shade like this is a great idea too. You will be able to have some pretty shadow as you can choose the pattern yourself. Added with rattan chairs and neutral coffee table, this one here looks positively a comfortable place to have deep conversation.

Black Stripes
This has an interesting look in the ceiling with black fence on the rig of the ceiling letting the balcony to get warmer. The black rattan chairs under the black fence are a great match too while the wooden sofa is a great match for the wooden floor.

Sleep on the Balcony
While balcony can be a great place to hang out in seating manner, it can also be used to hang out while you’re laying around. You can do that by adding swing or hanging cushion like this one.

Long Swing
While the previous one might not swing as much as you want it, this one here is probably what you need to have. This long swing will guarantee that you will be able to have the swing whether you’re in sitting position or when you’re laying down.

Relaxing Lounge
This one here also offers comfortable space to relax. With lounge chair, you will able to have a great time reading or relaxing with your drinks. With rattan and wooden material combines, this space looks warm and fresh that the plants perfectly can complete the look.

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