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kitchen, white patterned floor, white kitchen cabinet, blue pendant, white dining table, wooden stools, blue backsplash, blue fridge, green wall AD Magazine

Kitchen, Soft Colored Patterned Floor, White Wall, White Backsplash, White Fridge, White Wooden Upper Cabinet, Soft Green Bottom Cabinet, Green Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, Pink Wall, White Wall, White Kitchen Top, Pendant
Kitchen, White Floor, Off White Patterned Wall, Sage Green Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Top, Silver Fridge
Kitchen, White Patterned Floor, White Kitchen Cabinet, Blue Pendant, White Dining Table, Wooden Stools, Blue Backsplash, Blue Fridge, Green Wall
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, Blue Wooden Cabinet, Grey Marble Backsplash, Black Sconces,
Kitchen, Patterned Floor, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, Glass Pendant, Wooden Shelves, Black Cabinet,
Kitchen, White Backsplash Wall, Black White Kitchen Bottom Cabinet, White Floor, Pink Upper Wall, White Fridge, Black Pendant, Upper Wooden Shelves
White Pink Wall, White Upper Cabinet, Wooden Top Island, Green Wooden Chair, White Top Kitchen, Black Faucet, Window
Kitchen, White Floor, Black Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Top, Pink Wall Pink Floatign Shelves, Rug
Kitchen, White Floor, White Framed Window, White Wooden Ceiling, Pale Green Kitchen Bottom Cabinet

Decorating kitchen can be so fun as it can look like whatever you want. And there are many challenges you need to think before you decide on what you should do to your kitchen like gas, sink, air flow, etc. Despite all of that, though, decorating kitchen is still fun and interesting. You can decorate in any way you want, sure, but if you’re looking for something calm, you would love these kitchens below.

Calming Blue
This kitchen shows a really calming look with blue shades on the wall and cabinet. The soft blue on the wall brings fun and calm vibe at the same time while the darker blue on the cabinet balances the overall look perfectly.

Pink Hue
Another calming color that would look best for those who want to obtain calming look in the kitchen. The sweet and soft hue would help the cramped and heat in the kitchen feels lighter and tidier. Seen in this one, the off white wall has a sweet pink look that brings calm vibe to the room.

Upper Pink
This one here uses pink not on the entire surface of the kitchen but only on the upper part of the wall. Combined with black and white bottom cabinet, the sweet pink color looks more pronounced.

Pale Green
Another color that can give calming feeling is green. It has natural look that will remind you of forest. Put up with pale look, green color looks even calmer. This one here uses matching pale green color for the wall and the bottom cabinet. With windows, the room looks well-lighted and clean.

Green Cabinet
Similar to the previous one, this one also has soft green to calm the room. With sage green color on the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen has a great ambiance. It looks relaxed and could help bring a great feeling when you are in the kitchen.

Blue Combination
Blue can always be neutral and sweet that it is a perfect choice to calm your room. This one here combines blue with white cabinet and dining table that makes the kitchen looks even more peaceful. The patterned floor brings an interesting subtle detail to it.

Green Touch
This white kitchen brings an interesting colors yet still comforting look with soft green cabinet and pendant. The soft colorful floor support the calming notion perfectly well.

Patterned Floor
White color obviously would help in creating calm in the kitchen. However, adding some interesting touch like wooden top, black cabinet, and patterned floor. The glass globe pendant is a perfect final touch here.

Nude Pink
This one here is another pink kitchen that brings warm and calm at the same time. The pink color combines perfectly with the wooden kitchen top and the rug in bringing the warmth to the kitchen. The black cabinet puts more stable ground and deepen the dimension while also brings forth the calm on the wall.

White Pink
This one here shows a pretty combination of white and pink color that brings serenity to the kitchen. Simple and modern look supports the notion as well.

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