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carrera marble bathrooms bench raised panel cabinets granite countertop wall painting sink faucets mirror lamps transitional design SK Interiors

Carrera Marble Bathrooms Raised Panel Cabinets White Mosaic Tiles Alcove Shower Glass Door Traditional Design
Carrera Marble Bathroom Windows Toilet Glass Door Toilet Bathtub Contemporary Style
Carrera Marble Bathrooms Shaker Cabinets Two Piece Toilet Hinged Glass Door Alcove Shower White Tiles Grey Backsplash Contemporary Design
Carrera Marble Bathrooms Bench Raised Panel Cabinets Granite Countertop Wall Painting Sink Faucets Mirror Lamps Transitional Design
Carrera Marble Bathrooms Integrated Sinks Freestanding Tub Modern Pendants Wall Lamps Stone Tiles Faucets Mirrors Transitional Design
Carrera Marble Bathrooms Raised Panel Cabinets Double Sink Faucets White Tiles Mirror Tray Traditional Design
Carrera Marble Bathrooms White Tiles Black Walls Flat Panel Cabinets Hanging Towel Rack Undermount Sink Faucets Lamps Modern Design
Carrera Marble Bathrooms Basket Weave Backsplash Mirrors Wall Lamps Wide Sink Double Faucets Wooden Cabinets Blue Countertop Traditional Design
Carrera Marble Bathrooms Freestanding Tub Multiple Windows Subway Tiles White Walls Shower Faucets Lights Traditional Design
Carrera Marble Bathrooms Flat Panel Cabinets Toilet Wide Sink Single Faucet Shower Glass Door Modern Design

Marble is unquestionable something that can add a luxurious look to a room it’s used in and one of the rooms it can be used in is the bathroom. There are various types of marble and one of them is Carrera marble. Carrera marble is a fabulous type of marble and it can give a bathroom a luxurious look. If using marble in your bathroom is something you plan on doing, here are a number of fabulous marble bathrooms you can have a long look at and get some very nice ideas to apply from.

A Spacious White Bathroom with Marble Tiles

This spacious white bathroom has marble tiles, a glass door, a big window, a bathtub, wall cabinets, ceiling lights and more.

A Small Contemporary Bathroom with Carrera Marble

This small contemporary bathroom has Carrera marble on its floor and walls and the marble really helps beautifies the room and makes it look luxurious.

An Amazing Combo of Mosaic Tiles and Marble

In this bathroom, you can find an amazing combo of mosaic tiles and marble, which is a combo that gives the bathroom an awesome look.

A Clean Bathroom with a Marble Countertop

This clean bathroom has many things in it including big windows, flowers, a chair, cabinets and a marble countertops, among others.

A Small Bathroom with Mirrors, Modern Lamps and Marble

This small bathroom is a fabulous bathroom in which you can find mirrors, modern lamps, flowers and marble, among others.

A Bathroom with a Marble Countertop and a Marble Floor

This bathroom has a marble floor and a marble countertop and the two share the room with a mirror, flowers, a cabinet and more.

A Bathroom with Carrera Marble Tiles in an Offset Pattern

This bathroom has a glass door, which shares the room with Carrera marble tiles in an offset pattern, a shower, wall storage and more.

A Modern Marble Bathroom with a Walk-in Shower

This modern bathroom is a Carrera marble bathroom with a walk-in shower, a toilet, a small window and a number of other things.

A Large Master Bathroom with Marble

This large master bathroom has a shower area with a glass door, a big mirror, ceiling lights, cabinets and marble, which helps beautify the room.

carrera marble bathroom undermount sink raised panel cabinets stone slab granite countertop single sink faucet couch alcove shower one piece toilet traditional design

Designers’ Studio

A Bathroom with Marble and a Claw-foot Tub

This bathroom has marble, wall decors, flowers a window, a toilet, a claw-foot tub, a hanging lamp and a transparent chairs.

A Bathroom with Marble and an Elegant Corner Shower

This bathroom is where you can find marble, flowers, a mirror, ceiling lights, small wall tiles and an elegant corner shower area.

A Bathroom with a Luxurious Polished Carrera Marble Floor

This bright bathroom is one that has a luxurious polished Carrera marble floor, windows and a bathtub, among others.

A Bathroom with Modern Lamps and Marble

The things this bathroom offers to its owner include a big mirror, cabinets, marble and modern lamps that really give the room a very nice look.

A Bathroom with Classic White Marble Tiles and Countertop

In this bathroom with mirrors, marble is used both on the floor and as a countertop, two things that really give the room a luxurious look.

A Bathroom with Marble and a Beautiful Painting

In this bathroom, marble is befriended by a beautiful painting, mirrors, modern lamps, cabinets, a bench and more.

A Carrera Marble Bathroom with Built-in Storage

This awesome Carrera marble bathroom has a glass door for the shower area, built-in storage that offers a lot of storage space and more.

A Bathroom with a Marble Floor and a Bathtub

This amazing bathroom has a bathtub, a marble floor, a toilet, windows, a shower area and a number of other things.

A Minimalist Bathroom with Marble and an Integrated Sink

This minimalist bathroom has an integrated sink, a mirror, hanging lamps, a towel rack and, of course, marble.

A Bathroom with a Chandelier and Carrera Marble

There are two things that help make this bathroom luxurious and they are marble and the chandelier that hangs from the room’s ceiling. The two share the room together with dark-coloured cabinets, ceiling lamps, a mirror, an area with a glass door and a bathtub, among others.

A Large and Trendy Master Bathroom with Marble

This bathroom with a bathtub has more than one window, an area with a glass door, a toilet, a modern lamp and, naturally, marble.

A Contemporary Bathroom with Marble and a Shaker Cabinet

This bathroom is one you should try getting inspirations from if a contemporary bathroom with marble is what you’d love to build. This bathroom has marble, a shaker cabinet, a shower area with a glass door and more.

A Bathroom with Marble and Shelves on the Wall

This bathroom has marble and shelves that really goes all out to use the space available on the wall. The room also has a shower area that’s protected by a glass door.

A Big Transitional Bathroom with Marble

This big transitional bathroom has modern lamps, towel racks, mirrors, a luxurious bathtub and, naturally, marble that helps give it an elegant look.

A Bathroom That Blends Carrera Marble and Subway Tiles

This bathroom is one that blends Carrera marble and subway tiles, a bathroom you should consider getting inspirations from if Carrera marble and subway tiles are things you love.

A Simple yet Elegant Master Bathroom with Marble

This simple but elegant master bathroom has a small window, ceiling lights, a shower area with a glass door, and marble tiles. The room is what you should use as a source of inspirations if it’s a simple but elegant bathroom with marble you want to build.

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