The Charms of Brick Floor to Warm the House

alley with herringbone brick floor, white wall, white framed tall window, clear glass pednant, white bench

There are many things you can do to make your house feel warm and comfortable. You can choose the furniture you need and you can paint the room in warm color. Another thing is by choosing the right floor. If


Leaving Strong Impression through Accent Ceiling

colorful blocks on the ceiling, white pendant, soft pink wall, wooden floor, blue rug, pink velvet chairs, pink round bench

Adding accent on the ceiling would make your room more interesting. It can be the architecture of your house that you take advantage or you add the accent yourselves. You can add accent ceiling in any room in your house.


Large Glass Windows Effect on the Rooms in Your House

bedroom with wooden floor, wooden wall, square glass window, wooden table, low bed, pillows, grey rug

As the eco-friendly awareness is really happening, we should all see how much we can do in our daily life. We can try to live less waste and cut down our shopping urge. And we can also try to save


Decorated Wall to Support the Beauty of Your Room

wooden triangle patterns on the wall with dark and light surface, wooden table, wooden chair, grey floor, white pendants

Wall is an essential part of a room. It builds a space into a room. It separates space into smaller space that has its own function. There are many things to make your wall even more essential. One of them


The Charms the Stained Glass Window Have for Your House

stained flowery pattern glass window, alcove room, brown floor, yellow blue rug, beige sofa, brown round ottoman for coffee table, brown chairs, red table lamp

Window is the eye of the house where you can see the outer world without going out. That’s why a house with beautiful window is like someone with beautiful eyes. While window can be really simple and easy, it can


Luxurious Bathroom with Pretty Elements

bathroom, brown floor tiles, white wall tiles, white wooden vanity, brown top, mirror, sconce, white tub, chandelier, arch ceiling

As bathroom has been a time out place where you can relax and put the world outside of the door and claim your own world in the bathroom, a luxurious bathroom is a place where your needs to relax are


Creating Cozy Little Library in the House

grey built in nook with drawers, cushion, book shelves on the side, sconce

When there are too many books around the house and you haven’t created a special place to store them, you will need to do it soon. Creating a place for books does not always need large space. All you need


Bright and Stunning Doors with Welcoming Colors

blue painted door, golden patterned details on glass window, white wall

Doors can be simple or lively. It can go neutral or bold. It may come with details or enticing colors. It can make whole different feeling when doors are give more attention. As door holds the entrance to the house,


Classic Exotic Bathroom to Prettify the Space in Unique Vibe

bathroomm, tall arch ceiling, red wall, red ceiling, orange built in tub, small hole window

Bathroom can be a place where you can get short vacation: enjoying and relaxing your self. Because it is a private area, bathroom can be a place where you a time out from your real life, especially when you can


Turning Alcove into a Fabulous Place to Study

light brown wooden study in alcove, upper cabinet, shelves with pink accessories, floating table with drawers, black office chairs

When you have alcove or a limited space between your big and heave furniture, you can use the space and turn it into so many things. If you haven’t got your own space to study or work in your own