The Beauty in the Flow that Greek Bathrooms Show

greek bathroom, whtie plastered wall and floor, white ceiling with wooden beams, white built in vanity and sink, rattan basket

Greek style has a very distinctive look. It combines natural forces to create an amazing ambiance. It also shows the natural color in many shades without adding any bold color. It embraces natural light and fresh air to their space.


Elegant, Beautiful, and Charming Classical Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

bathroom, black floor tiles, white tub under the white arch, white balls chandelier, black white chair

For those who love to spend their relaxing time in luxury with some cultured touch, spending time in these beautiful classical bathrooms will be the best privilege. The classical theme that these bathrooms used are graceful and will make anybody


Classic Exotic Bathroom to Prettify the Space in Unique Vibe

bathroomm, tall arch ceiling, red wall, red ceiling, orange built in tub, small hole window

Bathroom can be a place where you can get short vacation: enjoying and relaxing your self. Because it is a private area, bathroom can be a place where you a time out from your real life, especially when you can


Cheerful Kids Toilet Inspirations from Kids Public Toilet

kids toilet, grey floor tiles, blue door, blue wall, blue mosaik backsplash, white top,wooden cabinet

Decorating for kids need to be fun and it should make the kids feel happy just look at the design. Decorating toilet for kids can be as fun as decorating bedroom for kids. As kids usually love color, putting bold


Attractive Blue Wall Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom

blue wall tile hexagonal tile built in shelves window glass shower door vanity white sink bowl wall mounted shelf toilet white rainfall shower head towel holder

After seeing the ocean and the seas, its color is so refreshing and bright. Blue hue can be a good addition and decoration to your interior. You may think about adding the coastal or ocean vibe in one of the


The Pretty and Gorgeous Modern Green Bathrooms

bathroom, white wall tiles, green painted wall, mirror partition, white terrazzo floor, white tiles vanity, white round sink, white floating toilet, round mirror

While modern styled room usually goes with more neutral color, these bathroom presents interesting look with their green painted wall. Although it’s all green, the clean and smooth lines are so minimalist and brilliantly interesting. If you love green color


The Unique and Bold Patterned Tiles for Bathroom

bathroom, white wall, patterned floor tiles, black tub, glass partition, shower, black chairs, golden table

Patterned tiles have their own charm in the details on the tiles itself and on how it affects the room overall. Because of this, it is always a bold move to present powerful patterned tiles in the room, especially in


The Beautiful Hexagonal Tiles Arrangements in the Bathroom

white hexagonal tiles on middle floor, tub, and wall, black hexagonal tiles on wall left right, white toilet, white tub, black table cabinet white drawers, white sink

Bathroom is a great place to play with tiles pattern and colors. You can choose many kinds of tiles and you can arrange it the way you please. The more creative, the stronger the impression would leave and you will


Five Best Materials for Your Waterfall Bathroom Faucets

2 deck mounted golden brass waterfall bathroom faucet

Bathing is an important personal need to everybody. In addition to clean up your body, taking bath can either refresh body and mind in the morning before doing other activities or reduce stress and tiresome after a whole day working.


The Absolute Elegance of the Beautiful White Marble

bathroom, white marble ont he floor, wall, patterned ceiling, chandelier, white tub, golden faucet, wooden stol

Marble has been one of the most expensive natural materials in interior. And that is understandable as marble has been a beauty in itself with its subtle reflection and natural pattern. Because of its beauty, marble can make a room