Creating Fun and Breezy Patio for the Summer

balcony, white floor, white wall, green swing, rattan chairs, table with colorful clothe, plants, rattan pots, pillows

Decorating your house according to the season can be fun. It allows you to embrace the season and everything the nature brings too. Thus, decorating your house in seasonal vibe can brings out even more the ambiance. Nowadays, the people


Wall Accents to Prettify the Room

blue wall painting with bamboo and flower picture, white wall, moroccan pendant, wooden floor, wooden console, white table lamp, rattan basket

Walls in the room can be decorated in many form. It can have wallpaper or painted in many ways. One of the interesting things to do in creating a pretty room is by decorating the wall with some accents that


Incredibly Beautiful Hallways to Inspire You with

Some houses will have hallway as the connection of each rooms it has. It is the “street” in the house that connects everything. And this street becomes its own space that needs to be decorated prettily so that every inch


Stunning Inspirations of Fun and Bright Bathrooms and Toilets

bathroom, white floor tiles, white wall tiles, floating wooden cabinet, wooden stair stool, pacman sticker, house shelves

Having children in home might make you shift everything in the house. Sharp corners need to be put away; electronic station needs to be closed; as well as turning some of your rooms into more fun so that the children


Little Pendants Over the Kitchen Island

blue and clear molten glass pendant, white wall, wooden table, wooden chair

Kitchen has been a great place to hold a social gathering in the house. It shows warmth and friendly feeling from the host to the guests. If you love to have people in the kitchen, t is even better to


Getting Some Inspirations from Small Open Kitchens

open kitchen, white wall, colorful backsplash, black top kitchenette, black top island, orange pendant, wooden table, orange chairs

Kitchen with limited space would make you think what you can do to make it comfortable and not feel too small. You would want to make sure that you have maximized the space and use it well. Here below are


Fun and Joy You Can Add to the Stairs

colorful stairs on the top part, white rail, dark brown fence, colorful rainbow floor

Stairs can be just a transition for you. It can be a place where you don’t think too much as you only pass through it. However, if you want to go to details and put much more thoughts to it,


Study Behind Those Glass Windows

study, brown rug, white wall, large glass windows, tall white shelves, black lounge chair

Having a serious yet refreshing study can make your focus comes flowing well. You will have the mood to get on your work while you can also have some time out to enjoy the outside view. That it why, for


Getting Comfortable Under the Stairs

Under the stairs can be used for many things. It can add to the beauty of your house and it can the comfort to your house. If you incline to have some comfort added, under the stairs is one of


Decorating Patio for Fun and Exciting Summer

patio, stone floor, white sofa and chair with orange cushion, patterned pillows, white coffee table, blue rug, white side table

Patio can be really important when it comes to social gathering especially in summer. In summer holiday, it is so hard not to get excited and plan social gathering. And for that, a fun and comfortable ambiance is necessary to