Heartwarming Traditional Kitchen that You will Love

kitchen, blue white brown hexagonal tiles, open brick wall, green open brick wall, silver cabinet, black cupboard, wooden island, wooden stool, black pendants.jpg

A heartwarming sight in the house will make the house feels even homier and incredible. As a social area, kitchen is the perfect place where you can boost warmth. And to do that, traditional look is one of the best


Lovely Laundry Room Decorations To Be Inspired By

laundry room decorations blue tree painting white gloss cabinet built in bench gray countertop washing machine wooden floor umbrella hooks

A laundry room is where you can put some of your dirty clothes, wash the clothes, and dry them. It may be a small space which provides space for a washing machine as well as some cabinets. The cabinets can


Adding the Classic Plaids Touch in the Living Room

living room, patterned rug, tufted blue green plaid ottoman, orange velvet sofa, white wall, green window frame, white door, side table

Plaids have been one of the most classic pattern. It has been enjoyed by so many people around the world since long time ago. And if you love adding something classic to your room, you can add plaids. For its


Wooden Accessories to Work in the Bedroom

wooden racks for pots of plants

Having accessories is sure nice. But sometimes, not everybody love to have accessories without getting actual use from having it. If you’re the kind of person who love to make sure your accessories can do something for you, you would


Lounge Chairs to Get the Best Relax and Reading Time

Lounge chairs have been one of the most comfortable items you can sit on. It can be positioned in the living room, your bedroom, or near any windows, possibly with bookshelves too. With lounge chair, reading can be an exciting


Ten Simple Ideas on Putting Plants in the Room

plants on the stair side, wooden floor, rattan rug, wooden table, rattan chairs, green wall, wooden pendant

In this eco-friendly days, putting plants seems like in one set with less, or even zero, waste life habit. And as eco-friendly also takes effect in interior design, the plants take effects too. Nowadays, many of interior of a house


Stunningly Gorgeous Open Kitchens Under the Tall Ceiling

open kitchen, wooden floor, white sloping wall, white ceiling, wooden vaulted ceiling, round wooden table, white chair, wooden stools

Having tall ceiling is a privilege you have. Not every house have that. And because of that, you might want to use the tall ceiling to get the best version of rooms you want to use and show. Below are


Creating Coastal Living Room in Your Summer House

living room, white rug, whtie sofa, blue patterned chair, white ceiling, sun chandelier, coffee table

Summer is one of the best time in the year. You would not have to worry about cold or rain. you can go outside as long as you want and get tanned. Or, you can go to your family’s summer


Stunning Exotic Indian Swings in the Living Room

velvet covered board swign, green pillow, detailed rope, white floor, brown floor sofa, dark coffee table, black low cabinet, wooden accent wall

In India, the presence of a board swing in a living room is something that can be found easily. It has been part of their culture that even in the modern era, they cannot be part from the swing. If


Putting Up Fancy Swings in the House to Add Fun

black ring round metal with black seating on the terrace, white round sofa, glass covered chandelier

Swings can be put up on the inside of the house of the outside of the house. It can make any space looks more fun and interesting. With swings, children can play as they wish, or better yet, your inner