Welcome by the Fresh and Pretty Blue Entrance

entrance, grey floor, blue long rug, white shiplap, blue door, white floating shelves, wooden bench with white cushion, blue curtain, star pendant

An entrance is an important thing in the house. It welcomes anyone who comes to the house. And a nice entrance will mean a nice welcome. Creating a nice welcome with blue color is one of the easiest ways you


Decorating Laundry Room for a Better Mood

laundry room, black cabinet, white apron sink, white machines, white subway wall tiles, floating shelves, grey floor, patterned rug

Getting your laundry done can take some times when you’re not in the mood. It’s probably the responsibility that you don’t like, you don’t have too much time, or that you don’t like the place that the activity taken place.


Brilliant Lighting Fixtures for Vaulted Ceiling

white vaulted ceiling, glass pendants, wooden floor, wooden table, black chairs, black sofa, white chairs

HAving vaulted ceiling is like having the prestige to have a brilliant ceiling. It means spacier ceiling, better air circulation and better lighting. With vaulted ceiling, your room will look brighter and larger. However, this can also means that you


Classic Bathroom Tubs with Curtains

bathroom, light wooden floor, white wall, hologram colored tub curtain

Adding decoration in the room surely helps the room to create a more complex ambiance. Textures and pattern all have its significance in creating a certain look in the room. So, even though it’s only curtain on the tub, it


Simple and Natural Looking Entrance wit Wooden Welcoming

small wooden console with thin black lines, white pendant, white wall, white wainscoting, wooden floor

There are many things you can choose on how to greet yourself when you come home. Creating a warm entrance is one of them. With warm entrance, you would be able to come home in a relief feeling after a


Vintage Ambiance in the House

dining room, wooden floor, white pink wall tiles, yellow round table, green chairs, pendant, purple shelves

Vintage ambiance can come and go in the trend. However, for those who just love the ambiance would love to have it in the house. And if you are this person, who love vintage look, you might want to have


Stunning Hallway Inspirations to Take From

hallway, patterned floor tiles, white wall, moroccan lamp, wooden cabinet, wooden console tables

Hallway is a passage between rooms in the house. Although you will probably not stay too long in the hallway to relax, it is also important to make it pretty. A pretty hallway is important to make you feel happy


Enjoying Quality Time in Beautiful and Comfortable Window Seat

window seat, white bilt in bench with drawers, brown cushion, white built in shelves, white sconce

Having window seat is a luxury. It is the beauty of the bright seating near the window that sends in comfort and warmth. With large glass window, seats near the window will be bright and fresh at noon and it


Cheerful Pop Art in Square Blocks in the House

bathroom, tiny tiles on the wall and floor, red white yellow blue tiles, white toilet

Adding an interesting details in the house cannot be stopped when you need something thrilling and fun. If you love to have cheerful details in the house, adding squares of colors in the house will make your house never feel


Beautiful Wooden Forces to Warm the Rooms

wooden grid partition in the bathroom, marbled floor tiles, dark grey marble sink, large mirror, white bulb pendants

Wooden accessories are hard to resist. The natural material brings in the natural look and texture to the room and tend to make a room look warm. And if your room is already warm looking, the wooden accessories would put