Getting Comfortable and Pretty Living Room in Sweet Sweet Pastel

living room, white wooden floor, pink wall, white and wooden coffee table, white butterfly chair, white sofa, pink wall

Creating a comfortable living room is everyone’s dream. One of the ways to create a comfortable and interesting living room is by using soft and pastel color in the room. It will create sweet, soft and warm feeling around the


The Beauty and Warmth of Natural Wooden Living Room

Creating a comfortable living room can be gained in so many ways. One of the ways is by putting natural material inside so that the living room has warm and comfortable look. If you are looking for some ideas how


The Charm of Black Living Room

living room, patterned rug, black wooden accent wall, white fireplace, wooden square coffee table, white chairs, brown sofa, built in shelves, vaulted ceiling

Living room is a place where everyone gather. For that, living room needs to look comfortable and warm. However, if you love to have something strong and bold, you might love to have black accent in the living room. Black


The Incredible Open Space for the Living and Dining Room

open space, wooden floor, wooden dining room, white modern chairs, glossy pendant, pink wall, black wall, grey sofa, white cabinet

Another open room that is popular is the open space that combines living and dining room. Combining living room with the dining table makes the space look comfortable and inviting. It would be a perfect place to social gathering. It


Creating Fresh Beach Look in the Living Room

living room, white marble floor, white wall, white sofa, white blanket, brown tufted bench, white wainscoting, side tabl

Living room is a great place to gather and socialize with your loved ones. It is a perfect place to have some conversation. Having it in the perfect decoration would make your time in the living room even more amazing.


Adding Details to Small Living Room in the Apartment

small living room, wooden floor, white wall, glass cabinet, grey corner sofa, white chair, black coffee table, chandelier

Small space is always challenging. When you live in an apartment, you will have everything challenging, especially the living room where you need lots of space. However, sometimes the more challenging a room is, the more fun it will be


Adding Warmth with Comfortable Floor Seating

white floor seating, wooden floor, white rug, white wall, white shelves

There are so many ways in adding comfort. You can add warm color or interesting texture in a room to make it look comfortable. You can add comfortable details to help the room amazing. This is essential when you create


Getting Some Warmth in the Winter Living Room

small living room, wooden floor, white wall, grey corner sofa, white round side table, wooden side table, white blanket

When the weather is getting colder and colder, a warm and comfortable living room would be the best place to curl yourself and relax. If you live with your family, you will want a place where you can snuggle with


Stunningly Beautiful Modern Living Room with Pink Details

living room, white rug, golden tray table, white sofa, pink pillows, golden pendant,

Having modern comfortable living room is amazing. You would have the sophisticated look with the ability to get you comfortable and relaxed. With the right accessories and furniture, a living room would be amazing like this. These ones below will


Beautiful and Comfortable Bohemian Living Room

living room, wooden floor, white rug, white wall, grey corner rug, wooden coffee tbale, wooden side table, rattan chair, round mirror

Living room is a place where you want to be able to relax while meeting with your friends and family. It is a place for social comfort. And that is why bohemian style would meet this reason so well. As