Perfect Corner to Read a Book

reading corner, wooden floor, white wall, glass window, bookshelves on window sill, white round table

Reading a book can look so easy. But, as hours upon hours go, your body will feel heavy and you will want to sit comfortably in a cozy chair. It is the perfect place if it’s situated in the corner


Brilliant and Stunning Modern Study Rooms to Get Focused

study, floating table in the corner, large glass window, floating shelves, wooden chairs

The design of study rooms can affect how effective people can study and work in there. That is why a study room should feel comfortable so you can get focused and it should also offer you the comfort to sit


Spare Some Minimalist Space for Study

study, wooden floor, white wall, blue upper cabinet, grey background, wooden shelves, wooden built in table and bench, blue bottom cabinet, pink chair

Study space can be really important when you often bring back your own work, or children need to study for their school. However, sometimes we just don’t have the space to create study anymore. If you think yo really need


Decorating Comfy Small Study to Keep You Focus

study, grey floor, floating wooden table with drawer, floating open shelves, wooden window bench, pillows, white pendant

Having comfortable study is a must, especially when your work requires you to sit in a long time. Your back might pain from too long sitting hour, uncomfortable table height, etc. And if your body is in pain, you will


The Simple Minimalist Studies Can Help You to Focus

minimalist study, black floor tiles, white wall, wooden study desk, grey chair

The way you decorate your study would affect how you can focus on the work and finally the result of your work. The setting of your study must match your personality. Although, any personality would love a tidy and clean


Study Behind Those Glass Windows

study, brown rug, white wall, large glass windows, tall white shelves, black lounge chair

Having a serious yet refreshing study can make your focus comes flowing well. You will have the mood to get on your work while you can also have some time out to enjoy the outside view. That it why, for


Creating Comfortable Study Space for Children

children's study room, white wall, white pegboard, white floating display shelves, grey ru, doughnut stool, white table

It is not only adults that need a comfortable space when it is about studying. Although children’s study seems trivial for adults, but the children is trying to grasp everything all at once and it is important for them to


Getting Inspired by Ten Efficient Antique Drafting Table Ideas

antique drafting table floral curtains rattan shade windows area rug wooden floor wooden side tables industrial chair pink pillow patterned armchair ottoman

A drafting table is a need for an architect or designer. It can be tilted to make the owner more comfortable when working on his project. An antique drafting table can be a nice choice to add a style in


Creating Working Space in Your Library

dark bookshelves, plaid floor, floating foldable table, white ceiling

For those who love to read and own so many books, the existence of a library is important in their house. A library is what you need to store all the books you own. However, sometimes as library or large


The Beautiful Natural Touch on Comfortable Study

study space, wooden floor, wooden table, wooden bench, wooden chair, woden shelves, large winwos with wooden frame

A study room should be a room where you can feel most comfortable as you would need to focus on what you’re working on. A study ideally should have the view that will not make you bored also as working