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cathedral ceiling lighting recessed lighting glass coffee table black side table artwork fireplace sofas armchairs table lamp

Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Wooden Ceiling Recessed Lighting Modern Chandelier Kitchen Cabinets And Island Silver Barstools
Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Pendants White Wood Ceiling Window Couch Coffee Table Glass Door Artwork Area Rug Corner Desk
Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Sunburst Chandelier White Concrete Walls And Ceiling Window White Bedding Window Bench
Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Recessed Lighting Glass Coffee Table Black Side Table Artwork Fireplace Sofas Armchairs Table Lamp
Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Cable Pendants Ceiling Fan Pendant Lights White Kitchen Cabinets Red Island Wood Countertop
Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Lightwood Flooring Painted Ceiling Wood Beams Traditional Chandelier Wooden Walls Dining Table And Chairs
Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Cable Lighting Pendants Kitchen Cabinet Island Barstools Windows Glass Pendants Black Countertops
Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Wood Beams Recessed Lighting Wall Pendants Kitchen Cabinets And Island Glass Doors Cabinets Window
Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Ceiling Fan With Lighting Bed Windows Wood Flooring Yellow Artwork Wall Sconces Chair Side Tables
Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Wall Sconces Wood Beams Beadboard Ceiling Couches Dining Table And Chairs Windows Wood Flooring

A cathedral ceiling is symmetrical ceilings with two equal sloped sides that meet at a ridge in the middle of a room. Because it is not a flat ceiling, cathedral ceiling will make your room looks more spacious. The style of this ceiling stands out among others. For the lighting fixtures you can use when you have a room with cathedral ceiling, you can go with some recessed lighting, pendant lights, and a chandelier. It is the same as the commonly flat ceiling, but you should consider where you can install the lighting fixture. The following are some wonderful cathedral ceiling lighting ideas that can brighten your home.

The Spotlights for Cathedral Ceiling Lighting

This kitchen with cathedral ceiling has a unique cable track lighting. The spotlights are fancy for this kitchen. Some glass pendant lights are also installed above the kitchen island from the middle of the ceiling. The wooden floor and nice lighting fixtures give warmth and calm to this large kitchen.

A Ceiling Fan with Lighting

This minimalist bedroom has a minimalist bed, two side table, and a colorful rug. This bedroom also has some windows around and cathedral ceiling. A ceiling fan with lighting is installed on the ceiling.

A Rustic Sunburst Chandelier

The shape of this cathedral ceiling lighting is so unique. It is a rustic sunburst chandelier. It gives color to this white bedroom and makes it more interesting.

Recessed Lighting for Cathedral Ceiling

This kitchen has vaulted ceiling and some wooden beams. As for the lighting, this kitchen has some recessed lighting on the ceiling, industrial wall sconces, and recessed lighting under the cabinets.

A Gorgeous Room

This beautiful room has a beautiful natural color scheme. It features beige walls, beige furniture pieces, and dark brown cathedral ceiling with gorgeous detail. This room looks bright as there are many windows, table lamps, and cathedral ceiling lighting.

Fun Ceiling and Beam Script Ideas

You can paint your dining room ceiling like this charming flowers patterned ceiling. It will be an artistic ceiling treatment. There is a traditional chandelier above the wooden dining table that increases the classic feeling in this room

Modern Cathedral Ceiling Lighting

Here’s good ceiling style in a contemporary kitchen. There are recessed can lightings on the side slopes of this cathedral ceiling. This kitchen also has other lightings from the recessed lighting under the cabinets and the chandelier above the kitchen island.

A Cozy Lighting Idea

This ceiling lighting idea looks cozy for a small kitchen. The black cable track lighting and the pendant lights above the island brighten the kitchen space thoroughly.

Family Room Lighting Ideas

These ceiling lights are industrial whisks. They have a unique and classic design that will complete your family room features.

Small Up Lights On Ceiling

This is an idea when you want to spotlight the ceiling with some sconces. The beadboard ceiling detail and the room will be more visible. This home has cozy dining table and chairs, some couches, kitchen cabinets, and many windows.

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