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kids bedroom, wooden floor, grey rug, wooden planks wall, white ceiling, bed with hot air balloon above, grey hammock, wooden cabinet, clear glass bulbs, biplane decoration Home Designing

Kids Bedroom, Wooden Chevron Floor, Bedding, Built In Cabinet With Shelves, Built In Table, Offive Chair, White Ceiling Lamp
Kid Bedroom, White Metal Bed Platform, Grey Bedding, White Wall, Pink Lanterns On The Corner Ceiling
Kids Bedroom, Grey Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Bed Platform Shape Like House, White Paper Pendants, Laundry Basket
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Chevron Floor, White Wall, Built In Table, White Office Chair, Wooden Floating Shelves, Window, Cupboard, Bed With Arch Ceiling
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Built In Bed, Shelves, Cabinet, And Cupboard, Biplane Pendant
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Built In Cupboard, Built In Study Table With Drawer, Stars And Clouds Decoration, Table Lamp, Cloud Paper Decoration
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Built In Bed, Shelves, Cabinet, And Cupboard, Biplane Pendant
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Chevron Floor, Low Wooden Table And Chair, Wooden Small Shelves, Wooden Bed Platform, Grey Wall, Balloon Shaped Lamp On The Ceiling And Wall
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Wooden Planks Wall, White Ceiling, Bed With Hot Air Balloon Above, Grey Hammock, Wooden Cabinet, Clear Glass Bulbs, Biplane Decoration
Kids Bedroom With White Rug, Grey Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, Rattan Chair, Pink Canopy, White Fluffy Cloud Decoration

Decorations are usually put on the wall. However, in these ten stunningly beautiful kids’ bedrooms, you will find that ceiling decorations can be so endearing too. With pretty shapes hung from the ceiling, the rooms are looking even more pretty. And for some rooms, it looks fun and magical.

Abstract Clouds
Like clouds, this one here presents the bedroom in a way that makes you curious. It is the kind of artistic touch that makes you wondering while enjoying the overall look.

Marshmallow on the Ceiling
An interesting series of LED lamp like this one can create a unique look in the bedroom while giving a cute finish. Shaped like marshmallow, this white sequence of lamp gives sweet and modern vibe.

Fun Balloons
If you want to give something fun without being too much, these balloon shaped lamps might be perfect for you. The neutral shape and look are not too childish but still give the kids’ ambiance to the room. And, not only on the ceiling, this balloon lamps have its match on the wall as well.

Hot Air Balloon
Besides lamps on the ceiling, another decoration that can decorate the ceiling is a tall furniture, just like this one here. On this picture, you can see that the bed is uniquely under a great hot air balloon. This makes the bedroom to look really exciting and fun. And, combined with clear glass bulbs and biplane ceiling decoration, it gives the room strong and complete impression of the hot balloon theme.

Pink Lanterns
If you want to make difference but with simple decorations, these pink lanterns in the corner ceiling are pretty sights too. Sometimes, a simple touch can make so much different. And with this simple touch, the ceiling does not look too much too.

Love to Fly
Another simple but fun look is putting favorite toy as the pendant like this one. With paper toy hung under a pendant, it would give a unique effect to the lamp light and also fun vibe to the room.

Ceiling Planets
For those who want to give an interesting ceiling decoration for those who love science, this planets decoration might be the perfect choice. A simple one without too much details like this have made the room looks exciting for them.

Paper Lamps
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has paper pendants hung from the ceiling. With white pendant shaped like tortoise, this room has a unique touch that leaves an interesting impression to the room. And not only one pendant, but three stunning pendants angled attractively different.

Paper Clouds
If your kids love a room with sky theme, this simple paper decoration will make them feel really excited. This white paper cloud will make the room feel sweeter and cuter.

Fluffy Clouds
Still in the same clouds over the ceiling, this one here takes it to another step by giving fluffy look. Combined with the sweet canopy, the room looks stunningly magical.

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