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White Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Bedding, White Platform Bed, White Stools, White Wooden Arch Ceiling, White Curtain, White Rug, Chandelier
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Brown Wood Planks, White Wall, Grey Wooden Bed Platform, Green Bed Curtain, Windows, Table And Chair
Bedroom, Grey Flooring, Dark Wooden Bed Platform, Muted Green Wall, Chair, Side Table, Side Cabinets, Table Lamps, Chandelier, Tray Shed Ceiling
White Bedroom, Rug, Bed, Platform, White Wall, White Coferred Ceiling, Lamp Fan Ceiling
Bedroom, White Walls, White Bedding, Metal Platform, Lime Curtain, Dark Green Ceiling, White Bulbs Chandelier
Bedroom, Light Brown Flooring, Rug, White Bed Platform, Light Blue Wall, White Ceiling With Coffered Tray In Light Blue, Pendant, Grey Sofa
Bedroom Cofferred Ceiling In White, Golden Pendant
Bedroom, Brown Rug, Pink Bed, Pnk Chairs, Blue Top Coffee Table, Pink Wall, Pink Curtain, White Patterned Ceiling
Bedroom, Bed Platform, White Bedding, Textured Wall, White Wall, Grey Wall, White Ceiling, Textured Wall And Ceiling, Grey Flooring, Shelf, Grey Chair With Low Side Table
Bedroom, Grey Flooring, Dark Wooden Bed Platform, Muted Green Wall, Chair, Side Table, Side Cabinets, Table Lamps, Chandelier, Tray Shed Ceiling

Bedroom always become a place where you can turn all your tiring day aside. It is important to have a comfortable bedroom to relax and gain back your energy. However, with a beautiful ceiling, a comfortable bedroom will raise its level into a comfortable and beautiful spot in your house. Here below are some gorgeous ceilings in the bathroom that will make you consider to redo your bedroom.


White Coffered

Ceiling can be a place where people not pay attention too much. But, when details are made to ceiling, a different kind of impression is made. This one here has a really beautiful bedroom, indeed. But with more dimension to the ceiling, it has made the bedroom more profound in beauty.


Simple Bedroom

Adding a statement ceiling to a simple bedroom can make an interesting touch to the bedroom. This one here has white wall and off white furniture. It may look plain but with coffered ceiling, it all looks warmer and stunning.


Painted Ceiling

One of the easiest ways to get your ceiling pronounced is probably by painting it in your favorite color. This one in the picture has its ceiling in green. Combined it with white walls and bed, it looks refreshing and balanced.


Pattern Texture

Adding a different color to the ceiling while the bedroom is in unison can make the room feels refreshed and not monotone. This one here plays with white pattern textured ceiling among pink room.


Wood Planks Ceiling

One of the ways to make the room feel neutral and warm is by using wooden material. And, using it on ceiling like this one here makes the room feels so serenely natural. Combined with beautiful chandelier, the bedroom looks elegant and calming.


In a Vaulted Ceiling

When a room has a vaulted ceiling and has a really low height like this one, choosing the right thing to do with the ceiling needs to be considered many times. When it is painted, it is wise to go with the same color with the wall. But, to give some texture, it is good too, to go with more neutral thing like wood.


Tray Statement

Having tray on the ceiling can be another thing to do to make a statement with your ceiling. But, adding color to the tray will be a better idea. That way, not only the dimensions is made, but the color touch is added. It will make the ceiling more interesting.


Combination Ceiling

In making statement, it depends on how brave a person is. When it can make a statement with painting the ceiling, it can go bolder by adding dimension in tray ceiling, make coffered pattern on the inside, and paint it. This one here do it in not only one level of tray but two levels. And, to make it less bold, the inside is painted in light color as well as the wall.


Shed Level

Similar to the previous one, this one too combines some dimensions to the ceiling. Not only making a tray ceiling, shed ceiling is seen too, plus coffered pattern in the inside. The final touch is the beautiful chandelier.


Light the Way

An interesting way to make the ceiling beautiful is by using LED light. There are many patterns but for a calming and relaxing bedroom, the simplest probably the best. This one here combines white wall with textured on the head of the bed and continue to make appearance on the ceiling. On the inside part, light’s all the way.



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