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green velvet chair with plaid arm rest, black floor, green wall, triangle coffee table, plants, black simple console table Clem Around the Corner

Green Velvet Chair With Plaid Arm Rest, Black Floor, Green Wall, Triangle Coffee Table, Plants, Black Simple Console Table
Green Leather Chair With Wooden Frame, Pink Ottoman, Green Sofa, Green Rug, Wooden Floor, White Wall
Blue Ethnic Patterned Chair, White Rug, Golden Side Table, Tosca Sofa, White Wall, White Console Table, Table Lamp
Grey Office Chair With Smooth Surface, Wooden Floor, Rug, Grey Sofa, Small Round Wooden Coffee Table, Grey Curtain, Plant
Rattan Shell Shaped Chairs, Colorful Stripes Rug, Green Sofa, Grey Wall, Grey Floor
Wooden Chair With White Cushion, Leather Head Rest, Wooden Floor, Wooden Round Coffee Table, Blue Wall, Wall Dcorations
Leather Butterfly Chair, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Red Rug, Coffee Table, Black Wall
Pink Unique Chair With Hollow Arm Rest, White Wall, Colorful Rug, Pink Ottoman, White Wooden Wall, Wooden Cabinet
Orange Chair, Colorful Stripes Rug, Small Side Table, Plant, White Wall, Wall Decoration
Polkadot Green And Blue Chair With Round Coffee Table, Grey Sofa, Polkadot Rugs, Ottoman, White Wall, White Cabinet

The seating arrangement in the living room might be consists of sofa only. That’s the common pattern. However, another common pattern would be adding chairs to the sofa to make more seating available for more people or to make more varied look with different chairs. Below are some ideas on the addition chairs that will you make you want to add one in your living room too.

Neutral Comfort
A simple wooden chair will be more than suffice to offer comfort and beauty to the living room. This kind of chair is perfect for a neutral and simple living room.

Sleek Office Chair
While office chair belongs in office room, it actually looks pretty modern and fun to be put in the living room. Seen in this one, the grey office chair brings modernity and also contrast yet fun vibe.

Velvety Chair
Having a fusion chair will give an interesting look in the comfort of a living room. A fusion of elegant character with modern character in a chair surely will make the chair looks endearing itself.

Dots on the Room
Adding dots in the room can make the room feels crowded. However, with tiny dots, it looks pretty and quite minimalist, especially with soft colors. This kind of pattern is perfect for a bare and plain room or a room with geometric patterns already.

Bold Chair
Putting bold chair in the room will make the room feel more alive. With its small feature, compared to sofa, bold chair will bring the feeling of sureness. If your living room is with neutral color palette then bold chair will give a hint of boldness. And if your living room is already in colorful state, it will make the room even more stronger.

Green Leather
Leather is always great in bringing out warmth, even though it is not in orange or brown color. The elasticity of leather also brings comfort look. Combined with shocking ottoman like this one here, it contrasts in a really good way.

Leather Butterfly
A thin and light look of a butterfly chair can help a room feels airy even though it has been added a chair. The elasticity of it also brings tender and comfortable seating.

Exotic Vibe
If you love natural and chic vibe on ethnic patterns, you will love to add a chair on that pattern alone in the living room. The exotic vibe in the living room will give unique touch.

Unique Design
Another thing that will be a great addition to the living room is something with unique and unusual design. It will look contrast and interesting. Seen in the picture below, the bold unique pink chair is a strong touch that it looks owning the room.

Rattan Chairs
The addition of rattan in a room always makes the room feels fresher. And that is exactly what you need when you want to add the breeze vibe in your living room. With rattan chairs, you will get the fresh vibe along with the beautiful and natural patterns on it.

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