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dining nook, white floor, white bench, green cushion, white table, yellow modern chair, white pendant Pink Peppermint Design

Dining Nook, Cream Floor, White Bench, Yellow Tufted Cushion, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Metal Chair, Yellow Cushion
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Bench With Shelf, White Wall, Floating Shelves, White Modern Chairs, Wooden Table, Window Bay
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Pink Corner Sofa, Grey Round Table, Grey Wooden Chairs, Pendant
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Corner Bench, White Table, Lage Glass Window
Dining Nook, White Wooden Wall, White Wooden Benches, Wooden Table, Blue Cushion, White Blue Cushion, Sconces
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bench With Drawers, Blue Pillows, White Wooden Table, White Wooden Chairs, Chandelier, White Chair
Dining Nook, Bule Floor, Green Wall, White Bench, White Chairs, White Table, Flowery Cushion, White Chandelier
Dining Nook, Bule Floor, Green Wall, White Bench, White Chairs, White Table, Flowery Cushion, White Chandelier
Dining Nook, White Floor, White Bench, Green Cushion, White Table, Yellow Modern Chair, White Pendant
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Subway Tiles, Green Wooden Table, White Bench, Green Cushion, White Chairs

Having a nice dining would make anyone feels comfortable at their own space. And it obviously will make dining time better. If you have a small family or closed friends, you would want to spend your quality time together. While dining table can accommodate a nice dinner, dining nook gives a less formal ambiance. Thus, dining nook can be really comfortable and warm besides the space saving it gives you. These below are ten interesting dining nooks you need to see.

Exotic Touch
Although dining nook is small, putting the best effort in decorating it always pays off. This corner dining nook has small and limited space. This space allows you to have closed range conversation. And this warm dining nook is completed with patterned curtain, wooden corner bench, and exotic Moroccan pendant. The pattern on the pillows also strengthen the perfect look.

Bring in the Sea
One of the best looks that will give you fresh look is beach or sea theme. This one here shows how pretty it can be to have the white blue combination that is completed with natural material. The glass windows give fresh and airy look to the dining nook.

Modern Look
This one here has a very interesting look with built-in table that looks like the extension of the wooden accent on the wall. This table is completed with white bench and chairs that match the wall. This neutral combination is brightened by the bright blue cushion and yellow pendants and door.

Flowery Accent
For those who love sweet and pretty look, adding flowery accent might help you the favor. Seen in this one, the blue yellow flowery cushion adds a beautiful point to the white and green surrounding. It is a great match for the wooden seating and table.

Pattern Nook
As nook is usually in limited space, neutral and light look is preferred. However, it does not mean that patterns and texture cannot get in. This one puts a combination of pattern and make an interesting nook out of it.

Fresh Breeze
Similar to the one of the previous ones, this one here also looks really fresh with white and blue combination that lets it have a nice beach look. It is even helped with sconces shaped like shells.

Traditional Fresh
If you love the warm traditional look with some pretty accent, this one here is perfect for you. The farmhouse look on the table, bench, and wall looks perfect and the soft color just prettifies the corner.

Yellow Bench
In this comfortable dining nook, the warm yellow cushion looks both comfortable and fun. And the warmth is completed with wooden table and bench on the other side.

Romantic and Classic
As dining nook can bring warmth and comfort, it is a perfect place to gather with your loved ones. And if you want to dine with your romantic partner, adding some sweet look to the setting is one way to do it. This one here puts pink sofa as the seating and completes it with classic table and chairs.

Green and Yellow
Adding some nice touches on the white background is always a great thing to do. It makes the color pops out even more.

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