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modern living room, blue brown striped rug, blue sofa, blue chair, wooden coffee table, wooden side table, brown brick wall, vertical plants, yellow stool Instagram - Arquiteta Mari Lazarini

Modern Living Room, Brown Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Beige Sofa, Large Glass Window
Modern Living Room, Marble Floor, Grey Rug, Yellow Fluffy Sofa And Ottoman, Black Round Coffee Table, White Wall, White Shade, Ceiling Lamp, Pendant Lamp
Modern Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Beige Coffee Table, Wooden Slabs Wall, Dented Shelves With Marble, Wooden Chairs
Modern Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Sofa And Ottoman, Coffee Table, Off White Wall, Large Glass Window With Nook, Red Chair
Modern Living Room, Brown Rattan Rug, Wooden Floor, Pale Sofa, Soft Blue Chair, White Low Wooden Coffee Table, Side Table
Modern Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Blue Cornered Sofa, White Wall, White Cabinet, Shelves
Modern Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Modern Sofa, Rattan Coffee Table With Brown Top, White Wall
Modern Living Room, Seamless Floor, Pink Thin Benches, Wooden Wall, Glass Wall, Round Wooden Coffee Table
Modern Living Room, Tiled Floor, Off White Wall And Ceiling, Golden Wired Pendant, Beige Sofa, Sot Blue Chairs, Coffee Table, Wooden Floating Shelves
Modern Living Room, Blue Brown Striped Rug, Blue Sofa, Blue Chair, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Side Table, Brown Brick Wall, Vertical Plants, Yellow Stool

Living room is a place to relax yourself whether you’re alone or with friends and family. And creating the ambiance in the living room really depends on how you reflect yourself that you can show in the living room. These ones below are for those who love to declare that they are modern people who root for living room with clean lines or minimalist character. It’s for those who love Scandinavian and modern styled living room.

Pretty Sight
If you love a modern living room without forgetting giving some pretty colors, this one here might give you some inspirations you’re looking for. This one offers a pretty and spacious living room with its thin and light looks from the furniture but the sofa. The blue sofa itself brings comfortable with its lean lines and soft colors and texture.

Soft Modern
Similar to the previous one, this one is also a pretty sight. With all its soft colors, it creates a soft hue around the room. The off-white, beige and soft blue colors simultaneously brings comfort and soft nuance to the room.

Modern and Bold
Although modern styled room usually comprises of neutral color, adding one bold colors can lit up the room. This one here puts a clever way to lit up the room. Not only it brings yellow hints among brown, navy, and soft blue color but it also brings in vertical mini garden on the wall to freshen the room.

Great Details
Although modern look seems so minimal in details, this one here adds pretty details on the wall without hurting the simple look. The wooden slabs wall is decorated by two dented marble shelves that look elegant. It makes the simple natural room looks more tasteful.

Comfortable Corner
In this living room located in a limited space, the vibe is both comfortable and minimalist. With the warmth of mustard color, the room is not too bright but it’s not neutral either. The white background makes the sofa looks more on point. The thin line details balances the sturdy look on the sofa.

Pale Modern
Pale color can be neutral especially when it is used like this one. The brown color that dominates the room saturated in several colors and are in many kinds of texture. It creates rather cold and modern look in a living room.

Lanky Benches
This one creates an amazing living room with minimalist and light touch. The seamless floor looks like it can brings breeze in the hot weather. The natural demeanor brings fresh look while the thin and lanky furniture brings light look.

Bright and Natural
This modern living room brings out the natural vibe from the natural material and the large glass window that shows nature framed with wooden material while brings in bright light to the room.

Minimal Palettes
This one shows the minimalist color that create the saturated living room. The rattan coffee table brings details and natural touch to be the center of attention in this one.

Details on Sofa
This one here does not only brings modern look but also brings unique designed sofa to add chicness. The clean lines on the sofa board, the back, and black lines look intriguing while the rattan coffee table offers rich details.

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