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Bedroom, Brown Floor, White Wainscoting, Grey Patterned Wall, White Rattan Bed Platform, White Framed Window, White Ottoman
Bedroom, White Wall, White Built In Shelves, Blue Bed, Blue Accent Wall, White Ball Chandelier
Bedroom, Brown Floor, White Woodplanks, Black Iron Bed Platform, Orange Bedding, Blue Bedding, Sconces, Black Iron Sheles
Bedroom, Black Iron Bed Platform, Pink Bedding, White Wall, White Curtain Tent, Brown Rug
Bedroom, White Classi Bed Platform, Cream Wall, White Chandelier, White Side Table With Drawers
Bedroom, Patterned Floor, Wallpaper, Chandelier, Classic White Bed Platform, Classic White Side Cabinet
Bedroom, Off White Wall, Pink Bed Platform, White Side Cabinet, White Blue Table Lamp, Patterned Ceiling, Chandelier
Bedroom, Brown Floor, Patterned Accent Wall, Grey Bed Platform, Ottoman, Pink Blanket, Grey Side Cabinet
Bedroom, Grey Floor, White Wall, Grey Cabinet, Rattan Bed Platform, Leaves Shaped Pendant, Rattan Shade
Bedroom, Dark Wooden Floor, Rattan Bed Platform, Rattan Chairs, Pink Curtain, Golden Pendant, Pink Curtain

Bedroom for children needs not only comfortable but also fun. For girls, it sometimes also needs to be sweet, for girls especially. Putting twin beds in the same room can look so crowded and it will need a lot of cooperation of the children to make it work. But it also can make the children to keep close each other and learn to compromise each other. Looking for some ideas? These below are some inspirations to start.

Make It Different
Combining two people in the same room means combining two characters at once. They might want to create their own style on the bed. To avoid being too much, staying in one kind of style of bed platform would be great. Staying in classical and strong black iron bed platform has given the room a sense of warm and unique.

Bring Out Togetherness
Having two people in a room might need more attempts to combine it together. This one uses a beautiful tent in the middle with pillows where children can enjoy it together. Strengthen with traditional black iron platform, the bedroom looks both sweet and strong.

Elegant Blue
If you want to create an elegant room for children, you would love this one. The clean and elegant design matches the elegant side cabinet and shelves. The pendant above makes a great match to the bedroom too. This pretty sight would make any girl fall in love.

Put Some Patterned
To get fun and cheerful look, using patterns on the wall can enlighten the mood. This one here puts interesting and bold patterns on the accent wall and makes the room blooms with it. The grey bed platforms give neutral basis to the room.

Simple Traditional
Creating a simple bedroom for two would be a great thing for twin room. This will make the room looks less crowded. The traditional look on the rattan makes the bedroom warm.

Sweet Twin
The bedroom below shows how small space can also look dazzling and sweet with pink and cream wall that is completed with pink bed platform and pink patterned ceiling that enriched this blushed ambiance. The chandelier on top gives an elegant vibrant to the space.

Pretty Sight on the Neutral
This bedroom looks so pretty with the neutral touch seen in the floor and the rattan-white bed platform. White wainscot makes the room looks even pretty along with the flowery patterned wall.

Elegant French Look
French style has been really strong and it brings its own charm. Adding French accents in the bedroom brings out elegant and classical ambiance at once. This one here puts all the classy accents like bed platform, chandelier, side cabinet, sconces and bench. This has made the room really elegance and classic.

Some Pink in the Rattan
This bedroom here looks so fresh and more mature. This is a great set for a teenager or even adult. The fresh look is neutral and warm. Combined with pink on the wall and curtain, the room looks amazing.

Modern French
This is another bedroom with French accents that looks so pretty. The details on the bed platform and the chandelier makes the room more lively.

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