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pink white carriage framed bed with curtain Houzz

White Woode Transitional Bunk Bed With Stairs And Drawers
Pink White Carriage Framed Bed With Curtain
Black Classic Jeep Bed With Colorful Comforter
Pink White Carriage Framed Bed With Curtain
Pink Golden Iron Framed Bed With Pink White Comforter
Pink Purple Castle Bed With Stairs
White Navy Boat With Nesting Beds
White Wooden Bed With Drawers Under And Shelves At The Head Of The Bed
White Wooden Bed With Shelves And Drawers
Yellow Bus Bunk Beds With Blue Comforter

It is such an exciting moment when your baby has been ready to move out from the crib onto children bed. It can be exciting both for the child and for the parent too. You and your child can go together to find the best thing for her/him/them. However, it will be easier if you have searched what your child might like in their own bedroom.

Sleeping Beauty

With bedding like this, everyone who sleeps on it will feel like she is a princess. This is really beautiful with golden iron carvings on the head and at the foot.

Sleeping Princess

This one is also really beautiful with its pinkish white iron frame and wheels on four corner, it will make a daughter like she’s sleeping in a carriage. And with curtain too!

White Wooden Built-In Cabinet

This one is really ergonomic. It is simple and does not take too much space. There are two drawers under the bed and you got shelves too at the head of the bed. Because the wood is white, you can use colorful bedding.

Two Level Cabinet Built in

This one is similar with the previous one but the difference is that there are six drawers, more space to keep your children’s stuffs. And of course, the shelves too!

Bunk with Drawers

If you have two children with ages not so far apart, you might like to put them together to save space. This one is really efficient. It’s a semi bunk bed with drawers and stairs so cute.

Sleep in Upstairs

As a child, you have fantasy so high that your bed can be your “home”. Let your child live their imagination by giving them space to their two-floor “home”.

Sleep in the Castle

Almost similar to the princess theme bed, this one is in castle shape. If you have a daughter that likes to live her imagination, you can make her happy by buying this one.

Fast Asleep

No boy will refuse this kind of bed. One thing that kids are being difficult is having them sleep in their bed-time. But with black iron car-shaped bed, you don’t have to tell them to go to bed.

All Aboard

Another thing that has the same invitation to kids is probably a bed shaped in boat. This one is really ergonomic too, with another bed under it for friends who sleep over.


If a vehicle-shaped bed will make a kid thrilled, this yellow bus-shaped bunk bed will make two kids thrilled! It’s like double-decker in yellow.

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