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wooden bunk bed, low bed at the bottom, dark wooden platform on top, wooden slide, patterned floor Trendedecor

Wooden Bunk Bed, Drawers At The Bottom, Drawers Ar The Stairs, Woden Slide, Shelves
Wooden Bunk Bed, Not Connected, Vetical Stairs, White Linen, White Wall, White And Wooden Floor, White Side Table
Wooden Bunkbed, Stairs At The Side, Bottom Drawers White Wall, White Ceiling, Metal Pendant
White Wooden Bunk Bed, House Shaped At Top, Vertical Stairs, Slide At The Side
Green Wooden Bunk Bed, Corner Bed At The Bottom With Pink Cushion, Green Wooden Mini House At The Top, Stairs With Shelves And Drawers.
Wooden Bunk Bed, House Roof Ontop, White Fence With Hole At Top, Whtie Vertical Stairs
Wooden Bunk Bed, Low Bed At The Bottom, Dark Wooden Platform On Top, Wooden Slide, Patterned Floor
Wooden Bunk Bed, House Shaped Top, Vertical Stairs, Wooden Slide, Wooden Study Table, Red Chair
Wooden Bunk Bed, Closed Box, Roof On Top, Wooden Fence With Rope, Vertical Stairs
Wooden Bunk Bed, Unparalled Bed, With Vertical Shelves As Stairs,

Getting children together in a room can lead to a disaster. They can fight and cry or make a mess of a room. So, putting them together in a room can be stressful. Although you cannot prevent this altogether, you can, however, try to make them sleep together in a room. To make it less stressful for them (thus for you), beautiful bunk beds can be added. Different from the usual double beds, bunk bed can add fun and imagination material for children in their playing. If you are interested in putting bunk bed in their room, these below are some inspirations to go with.

Solid and Safe
This one here shows a solid and sturdy design of a bunk bed with wooden pattern on it. The stairs are strong and sturdy on another side of the bunk bed. This will give the children an added place to role play. Or to mess things up. But, the bunk bed has provided the bed with added storage at the bottom bed.

Not Connected
If you want to make bunk bed feels different, this unconnected bunk bed can do it fr you. The unparalleled bed makes the bed does not have anything to do with each other. This make each has its own territory. It is perfect for older child or young adults that shares room.

Slide at the Side
If you want to add fun to the bunk bed, this one here obviously gives some inspiration. On the simple and minimalist design of the bunk bed, with bed on the floor and darker wooden platform on top, a wooden slide is added and makes the whole simple bunk bed looks interesting and fun.

Whole Package
This one here is probably the summary of everything good from the previous ones. It has the solid and sturdy stairs. It has the storage at the bottom and more storage at the stairs. And it has the slide at the other side. To make it all more special, it has wooden shelves on the bottom bed.

House Bed
This one here is really special with the house shaped design on the top bed, completed with the door, windows, and roof. This allows children to have the best role play. And not only that, this one here also has slide on the side.

House Bunk Bed
Similar to the previous one, this one also has the house shaped top. The window is located near the pillow that it would make a good morning. And, the slide is ready at the foot of the top bed. It feels like getting the top bed is really special. Although, the bottom bed owner surely can take turn too.

Sweet Bunk Bed
This green pink bunk bed is perfect for girls. Not only that it is sweet and pretty but it also gives much fun with the mini house on top and the corner bed at the bottom that can be used to entertain their friends. The stairs are functional with shelves and drawers.

Simple Mini House
This one goes simpler than the previous one with mini house on top. The white fence on top is decorative but can also used as pegboards to help them organize things.

Modern and Closed
While the previous is sweet and has traditional kind of roof, this one here has a more modern one. The whole design looks like a minimalist and modern house nowadays.

Vertical Shelves
This one here is more for young adults where they can step into the vertical shelves as stairs. This simple wooden interior is so beautiful and amazing.

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