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children's study room, white wall, white pegboard, white floating display shelves, grey ru, doughnut stool, white table Petit & Small

Children Study, Wooden Floor, White Black, Grey Wall, White Storage With Wooden Board On Top, White Rabbit Low Stool, Sconce, Floating Shelves
Children Study, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Children Table, White Table, White Blue Stools
Children Study Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Colorful Box Shelves, White Floating Table, Yellow Low Chairs
Children Study Room, Wooden Floor, Green Wall, Dining Set, White Shelves, Floating Table On The Shelves, Wooden Stool
Children Study Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Soft Green Wall And Table Set With Shelves, Pink Green Stool
Children Study, Wooden Floor, Dark Green Wall, White Wall, White Storage, White Board Table, Wall Decorations
Children's Study Room, White Wall, White Pegboard, White Floating Display Shelves, Grey Ru, Doughnut Stool, White Table
Children Study, Wooden Floor, White Storage With White Top, White Table, White Low Stools, White Wall With Green Mountain Shadow Paint
Children Study, White Floor, White Wall, Small Box Shelves, White Board Table With Pink Storage, Green Low Chair
Children Study, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Crate For Wooden Board, Wooden Small Cabinet, Wooden Chairs, Rug

It is not only adults that need a comfortable space when it is about studying. Although children’s study seems trivial for adults, but the children is trying to grasp everything all at once and it is important for them to get the fun also especially so that they have experienced a fun learning. Having a fun learning space would make them think that studying is not something that you need to worry about. To create a fun learning space, you would need to see some ideas below.

Doughnut Stool
Learning space for children should be a fun space as everything they can think about is playing things. So, you would need to create a fun look in the leaning space. Display shelves like this one here is essential to show all the colors in the cover to draw attention. Pegboard on the wall can be a great thing too if you prefer to put out all the things they might need in front of them.

Simple Corner
As children can grow up so fast that the space corner might not work for as long as you want it to be, you can create a simple corner like this. With refurbished crate and some support on the wall, a board of wood can be a natural table with its own charm. Completed with wooden chairs, this corner is completed.

Soft Shade
This corner looks utterly amazing. With soft sage green wall and matching floating built-in table and shelves (even the basket inside the shelves, the floating shelves, and the cabinet!), this corner looks calm and pretty. Although the different accent is only seen on the stool, it has brought an interesting touch.

White Rabbit
A cute ornament or accent is needed to make the study space always interesting. This one here adds adorable white rabbit stools to maintain the fun in the corner.

Simple Painting
For those who love to keep everything simple, this Scandi style children study can make the parents and children happy. The simple and minimalist look will not ruin your Scandi belief in every room yet the fun touch on the wall and toys make it more fun for the children.

Children’s Area
This one is an idea for those who want to teach the children to share. The shelves itself is interesting with cabinet, shelves, and tray inside. And among all this, a floating table is arranged on the lower part for children with their books seen near it.

Simple and Dark
Although children needs some interesting thing to stimulate them to learn, it does not always mean bright colors need to be seen. This one here uses dark green for the wall in front of the table and decorate the space with plants only and it’s already beautiful.

Almost Big
In this one, the children’s table is more like the older kids’table with cabinet and shelves. This will help them create a happy memory towards the kind of space when they grow up.

Fun Colors
You can also turn the corner of children’ bookshelves into their workshop table. Adding a table like this one is a great thing. And to make it fun, the box shelves are on colorful colors and the chair has the brightest color too.

Fresh Look
This neutral study looks extra fresh with the bright green stool. Along with adorable box shelves and pink storage, this corner look fabulous.

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