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christmas decoration tied on the stair fences Otthonsziget

Stairs With Dark Rail, Dark Polished Stairs, Green Garlands Hung From The Hold
Christmas Ornaments In A Pot With Red Holly Fruits, Green Pine Leaves, Red Branches
Mistletoe Garlands With Red Ribbon On The White Fences Outside
Clear Glass With Red, Green, Gold Balls, Fake Red Fruits, Pines, Cones
Garlands Put On The Low Part Of The Stairs, Wooden Floor
Christmas Decoration On The Window With Stiped Red White Candycane
Christmas Ornament With Green Pine Leaves, Small Holly Berries, In A Coconut Fiber Pot Hung From The Ceiling
Rustic Christmas Decoration With Long Wooden Bowl With Dry Pines, Cones, Green Leaves
Christmas Decoration Tied On The Stair Fences
Christmas Decoration With Silver Cones, Red Glossy Holy Berries, Green Pine Leaves, Dried Branch, Silver Ribbon, Black Pot

As Christmas is never forgetting to come, Christmas merriness and festivities never fail us too. At this time of the year, people all around the world will celebrate the holiday with enthusiasm. And that will not only happen on the street and stores. People would want to decorate their house in the warm notion of Christmas. And although it’s too close to Christmas now, there will never be too late to decorate your house with some Christmas decorations.


Christmas in a Bowl

Decorating for Christmas can start from the simplest thing like table decoration. It also can start on a really simplest thing like a clear glass that you can fill in with simple Christmas decorations like red, gold, green balls and some faux cones.


Rustic Christmas Accessories 

If you love something rustic for your house, you can decorate your home with rustic accessories like this one. You only need wooden bowl and fill it with green pine leaves and dry cones. It’s simple yet still pretty.


Pretty Simple

If you love another simple thing, you can see the picture below. Only with candy cane you hung on the windowsill like this, you’d be able to get the Christmas feeling alright.


On the Banister

Another simple thing you can do is hanging garlands on the banister. It’s not a difficult thing but the effect is so holiday-ish. It will be so easy to pack things off after holiday too.


On the Floor

Similar to the previous one, this one also uses garlands to decorate the long lines of the stairs. However, while the previous one hung from the banister, this one is only put on the low part of the stairs. Both are pretty.


Tied on the Fences

Clearly there are so many things you can do to your stairs with Christmas decoration. This one here tied the accessories on the fences and create tree-like shape. If you do it like this, you will have mini tree no the fences.


Christmas on the Pot

If this other one is on the bowl, with this one, you can find Christmas in a pot. With the very similar method, you can fill this pot with cheerful ornaments like silver cones, glossy red cherries, or fake dried branches.


Red Fruits

To make the ambiance merrier, you can put more red color of Holly fruits to your pot like this one. Even the branches are red in here.


Hung in Pots

While the previous ones suggest you to have pots on the floor, this one here suggest that you put the Christmas on the hung pots to create all the joy even more.


Outdoor Ornaments

This one here can decorates your outdoor look. It’s really simple too. You just need to buy those green garlands and put red ribbons to create contrast even more. Put it on your fences outside on white fences to make it popping out.

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