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bathroom, pink green white painted wlal, pink floating asymetric vanit with grey sink, brown toilet, window, glass partition, black sconces Ilaria Fatone

Bathroom, Different Colored Block On The Wall, White Sink, Round Mirror, Asymmetrical Pendant, Peach Cabinet Near The Window
Bathroom, Yellow Wall Tiles, Blue Seamless Floor, Blue Black Asymmetric Vanity Table With Pink Sink, Golden Framed Mirror, Copper Pendant, White Tub, Colorful Curtain
Bathroom, Pale Green Wall, Red Frame Wall, Round Two Mirrors In One, Wooden Vanity With Black Long Top, Pink Sink, Orange Floor
Wooden Floor, Green Floating Vanity, White Marble Top And Backsplash, Yellow Upper Cabinet, Round Mirror On Metal Post
Bathroom, Green Tiles On The Wall, Red Cabinet, White Marble Top, Red Upper Cabinet, Mirror, White Marble Cuts Tiles, White Floating Toilet
Bathroom, Green Wall Tiles, Black Marble Vanity With Two Black Bowl Sink, Patterned Floor Tiles, Mirror
Bathroom, Grey Marble On The Shower Area, White Marble Outside, Yellow Tiny Tiles On Toilet Area, Grey Floating Toilet, Grey Tall Vanity, Mirror
Bathroom With Soft Blue Wall, Purple Lines On The Wall On The Back Of The Mirror, Wooden Vanity, Dark Brown Top, Golden Sink, Stone Tiles, Blue Glass Door
Bathroom, Pink Green White Painted Wlal, Pink Floating Asymetric Vanit With Grey Sink, Brown Toilet, Window, Glass Partition, Black Sconces
Small Bedroom, Blue Wall, Round Mirror, Yellow Cabinet, Small White Sink, White Floating Toilet, Rattan Partition

Bathroom has not been only a room to cleanse your body and release your nature calling. It also a place where you can relax or have a time-out from the busy life inside a house. Creating a fun look in a bathroom can make the bathroom energize you just by looking at it. And one of the ways to do it is by playing colors like no one does it. Here below are gorgeous bathroom with clashing colors all over the surface that you might want to look for some inspirations.

Soft Clashing
In this one bathroom, the clash of colors is seen on the wall, sink, and the door. However, the clashing is not too contrast. It is for those who love to play colors without getting all too bold.

Clashing in Color and Texture
In this one, the playful character is not only the color but also the texture. Seen in this picture, the bathroom has a contrast combination of tiles used: from dark marble on the shower area and white marble outside to the bold yellow tiny tiles on the toilet and vanity area. It combines natural vibe with bright vibe.

Contemporary Look
In this one here, not only the colors that has been played but also the common habit is. Colored with yellow wall, the gloating is in green while the having white backsplash. The line on the vanity is unusually not straight. The mirror is also unusually on golden metal pole on the side.

Bold Design
In this one, you can see the fun yellow cabinet has been the center point of attention in this bathroom with dark blue wall. The striking sink strengthen the clashing of elements in here.

Clash Look
In this bathroom, you can see an interesting clash of many things. First, the clashing color is amazing with red on cabinet, green on the wall, grey and white on the floor, and dark blue on the ceiling. Then, the textures on the wall and floor are different in contrast. The patterns that each item has are different too.

Soft Playing
Similar to the first one, this one here is also for those who love to play with soft colors. The white and soft blue wall look great together. The addition of brown black vanity with golden sink adds more character to the room. The stone floor tiles in curving lining adds unique point.

Warm Clash
With asymmetrical vanity table consist of many colors, copper pendants, golden mirror, and colorful curtain with interesting line make this bathroom is strong with Memphis style. The colors that contrast to each other and compliment to some makes it interesting and gorgeous.

Soft Geometric
In this bathroom, you can see the geometric shapes on the wall from the colorful paintings. And the color paint does not stop on the wall only but also on the cabinet near the window. All this is added with interesting geometric pendants with interesting lines.

Memphis Look
In this one, a bathroom with strong postmodernism style is spotted. With white, green, and peach painted wall, it cannot get minimalist. The asymmetrical peach floating vanity looks so gorgeous here.

Clashing Pattern
In this one, you can see the clash of pattern of the wall, floor, and vanity altogether. And they all come in different colors and textures. It is such a complete package.

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