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bathroom, black floor tiles, white tub under the white arch, white balls chandelier, black white chair Architectural Digest

Bathroom, Black Floor Tiles, White Tub Under The White Arch, White Balls Chandelier, Black White Chair
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Blue Tub, Large Golden Mirror, Crystal Chandelier, White Classic Chair
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall With Classic Details, Tub, Chairs
Bathroom, Black White Patterned Floor Tiles, Grey Marble Wall Tiles, Golden Arch, Yellow Tub
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Floor Shower Area, Glass Partition, Grey Wall, Large Golden Mirror, Grey Tub
Bathroom, Marmer Floor And Wall, Built In Shelves, Chandelier, White Marble Tub
Bathroom, Checkered Floor Tiles, White Wall, Patterend Wall, Metal Chandelier, Black Tub
Bathroom, Marble Floor, White Marble Wall, Golden Wallpaper, White Tub, Golden Rimmed Side Table, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Clear Glass Pendant, Black Wall
Bathroom, Grey Chevron Floor, Grey Wall, Grey Ceiling, Beige Wall With Flowers, White Chandelier,

For those who love to spend their relaxing time in luxury with some cultured touch, spending time in these beautiful classical bathrooms will be the best privilege. The classical theme that these bathrooms used are graceful and will make anybody feel spoiled.

Behind the Beautiful Arch
This spacious and open bathroom will give the user the fresh and classic feeling when they enjoy their time in the bathroom. The neutral use of grey and black in the bathroom brings calm along with beige wallpaper with flower patterns outside.

Large Mirrors
In this one, the tub is positioned in front of a large golden framed mirror that brings elegance to the room although the tub and the shower area are quite modern. The wooden floor gets along with the classical mirror and sturdy windows.

Strong Impression
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has an open and graceful bathroom behind the arch. With black arch that looks so strongly surrounded the bedroom, the outside of the bathroom, the bathroom looks bright in its neutral grey and the bright light from the window.

Classic Wall
This one here shows an elegant and classic bathroom. The checkered floor looks interesting to match with the classic wallpaper in the wainscot wall but it gives the bathroom its own characteristic. The metal bath tub also looks ancient yet still beautiful.

Simple Classic
This one here shows a classic vibe with simple touch in the large gold-framed mirror and the crystal chandelier. The spacious room looks simple with only tub and stool to help you take a bath.

Marbled Classic
Marble has been one of the elegant material that will make anything looks more luxurious. So, while the arrangement has been elegant, the marble material that used on the entire surface including the bath tub makes the bathroom looks elegant, luxurious, and calm.

Old Look
This one here supports the old and classic look in the bathroom with beautiful details on the arch and wall. And the pictures hanging above the tub makes the whole look even more classic.

Classic Modern Look
This one here is a fusion of modern and classic look. The bathroom looks smooth and clean while the architecture gives indented wall under the arch that looks so endearing and warm. It is decorated with golden framed mirror and the chandelier that looks modern and elegant, bridging the classic and modern look.

Golden Bathroom
This classic bathroom has a golden touch on the wall that matches with white marble on the wall and floor. This combination brings classic and pretty vibe to the bathroom. The gorgeous golden wallpaper looks so ravishing and bold.

Golden Accent
This one here uses yellow tub and golden accent on the arch on its bathroom that makes it elegant and interestingly bold. The grey wall and black and white patterned floor tiles balances the bold accent from the tub and arch.

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