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hooks like on the door, shelves on it Rani's Living Styles

Hooks Like On The Door, Shelves On It
White Wooden Cupboard, Metal Shelves, Wooden Shelves
Wooden Shelves, White Wall, Hook,
White Wall, Hooks, Bucket,
Wooden Box With Glass Door, Small Cleaning Tools Inside
White Wall, Hooks, Celaning Tools Hung,
Glass Bottle Jar For Cleaning Tools
White Pegboard, White Wall, Cleaning Tools, Ironing Table
Black Wooden Wall, Blue Wall, Hooks, Grey Flor
White Wall, White Board Lines For Hooks, Grey Floor

Storeroom is needed in every house. It is a place where you put everything that is not needed constantly and not part of the decoration in the house, like cleaning tools. Sometimes, we do not put much attention to it that it becomes untidy and not nice to see. At the same time, it can become dirty, humid, and moldy. These below are ten tidy storage for cleaning tools you will want to consider, especially if yours is not too clean and tidy.

Hang on the Wall
This one uses a very simple way to keep all the cleaning stool in the house. This is convenient when your cleaning stools are all dry. So, you might want to make sure they’re dry before hang them on the hook.

Inside the Box
For small cleaning tools and soap, a wooden box like this one is more than enough. With glass door, or without door, you would be able to find what you need faster in the future.

Right Cupboard
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses box to make the cleaning tools restored tidily. With cupboard, you would be able to have shelves inside. And with that, you would be able to store much more tools as well as cleaning necessities and soaps. It can also afford some hooks that let you organize your tools well.

Long Lines
Similar to the first one, this one here also puts the cleaning tools hung on the wall. This one, though, gives long thing wooden board to keep the books tidy. With three lines, the cleaning tools can have much more storage to work on with.

Big Glass Jar
This one is for those little brush that are not needed to scrape too dirty place. Putting them on glass jar would make them almost look like accessories despite the brushed inside.

Traditional Storage
This one here shows a simple and traditional way of keeping your tools. You can either hang hem or put them on the bucket. Of course, you can choose the bucket that would meet your room theme. However, seeing this one here, it looks like silver bucket looks pretty in itself.

Black Background
This one puts an interesting touch for the tool storage. As the cleansing tools are mostly in light color, the black wall pronounces the light tools. This create a contrast that looks interesting.

Added Shelves
If you want to add some addition to help with storage, you can add shelves near the cleaning stools storage while also make some frame to the storage, like seen in this one.

All Tidy
This one here does not only put the cleaning tools but also the ironing table. If you want to work your tools like this, you can try with pegboards and create your own shelves and boards from the pegboard.

Behind the Door
If you prefer to let your wall clean or you don’t have much options, you can put some hook lines on the door and put some shelves on it to help you organize all your cleaning necessities.

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