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rustic porch with wooden ceiling, wooden shutters, nude sofa, wooden flooring, rugs, wooden blocks table Jeffrey Dungan Architects

White Porch With Window, Blue Wooden Flooring, White Ceiling, Ceiling Fan, White Wooden Chairs With Blue Cushion
Rustic Screened Porch With Brown Wooden Flooring, Brown Wooden Window Frame, Wooden Metal Chair Wooden Block Table
Screened Porch With Adjustable Window, Rattan Chairs With Blue Cushion And Pillows, White Ottoman, Round Rattan Table, Wooden Flooring, Blue Ceiling, Ceiling Fan
Porch With Screened Window, Railing, Rattan Chairs And Sofa With Brown Cushion, Plants, Wooden Table, Ceiling Fan
Porch With Sooden Vaulted Ceiling, Black Iron Chairs And Ottoman With Blue White Stripped Cushion, Wooden Wall, Flooring, Iron Table With Glass Top
Farmhouse Porch With White Flooring, White Ceiling With Brown Wooden Beams, Pendant Lamp, White Window Frame, White Table Bench With Blue Cloth
Traditional Porch With Brow Rattan Chairs With Brown Cushions, Rattan Ottomans As Coffee Table, Blue China, Hardware Cloth For The Windows
Traditional Porch With Wooden Ceiling, Flooring, Wooden Window Frame, With Black Iron Chairs And Tables With Glass Top, Plants
Rustic Porch With Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Shutters, Nude Sofa, Wooden Flooring, Rugs, Wooden Blocks Table
Screened Porch With White Ceiling, Wall, Flooring, Brown Rattan Chairs With Pink Cushion, Round Rattan Table With Clear Glass Top, Black Iron Small Round Table

Different from the opened porch that allows you to take in as much outdoors as you can, screened porch or closed-in porch allows you to take the outdoor view without having to experience the hot air, or harsh wind your environment might have sometimes. It gives you freedom to control how much light you want to shine on your porch by adding curtains. With screened porch, you will be able to protect your furniture better from the corrosion or dirt, especially if you prefer fancy furniture for your porch. It also allows you from the intrusion of bug or insects. If you wonder how you should decorate your porch, here below are some ideas from the expert in the field.

Beach Porch Inside

This is a beautiful porch to have with white ceiling and wall that matches with the chair and table, the blue-ish flooring matches the cushion too.

Rattan Chairs in Porch

This is a simple but pretty screened porch. The white ceiling and floor looks glowing when the sun light hits and the rattan chairs looks beautiful.

Rustic Screened Porch

To feel outdoor natural feeling, you can try rustic theme screened porch where you can enjoy natural view outside and still feel natural feeling inside.

Adjustable Windows

This one porch is really exquisite with adjustable windows that let you control how much wind can breeze to your time spent in the porch.

Hardware Cloth Window

This traditional look porch is really simple and looks so modest. The window uses hardware cloth that will allows you to have the freshest air but still protects you from the insects and the bugs.

Rustic Look on Traditional Porch

When you have a large space that you can have the best view outside, you can decorate with minimal furniture and it will look charming still.

Closed-In Porch

This is another beautiful porch with more closed-in space. You can open more space by opening the wooden window and have more breezes inside. With window like this, you can have better air circulation and thus your porch will not feel suffocating even if it is a closed-in porch.

Sunroom Like

This one is more like a sunroom when it comes to the screened that allows more sun light to come in. The ceiling fan is a great addition to the room that can be hot.

Farmhouse Porch

If you love something with farmhouse theme, this might make you feel more comfortable. You can also out long table and bench and turn it into some kind of dining area that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Vaulted Ceiling

To make your small space porch feels larger even though it is screened, you can make have the vaulted ceiling so that more air can circulate better in the room. With this, you will have your room more breathable and have better acoustic.

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