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small closet with area for hanging clothes drawers and rattan woven chair John Lewis of Hungerford

Small Closet With Area For Hanging Clothes Drawers And Rattan Woven Chair
Small Closet In The Corner Made Of Wood
White Wooden Small Closet With Drawers And Mirrors
Brown Small Vertical Closet For Small Space
Small Closet Under The Shelves For Small Area
Small Closet In White Clean Wooden Cupboard
Small Closet Vertical With Rattan Drawers And Ironing Table
White Wooden Closet For Shoes
White Wooden Small Closet With Drawers For Toys
Small Closet For Children With Baskets Drawers And Hanging Place

Sometimes, when you have too many clothes, you think that having cupboard is not sufficient. When you think you have too many clothes, shoes, or any other attire, it will be more practical if you just put everything in one place. And that is why closet, even if it’s small is likable. Even in a small closet, you can arrange and manage your clothes tidier and cleaner. However, if you only have small spaces, you might need to think of how you can remodel your space into closet. Here are some ideas you can have.

Long Alley

Here you can see that the closet is built in a long alley. It is not so big yet it is enough to keep your clothes hanged or folded. It is lighted by a small lamp.

A Room and Alley

This one uses a small room for their closet and makes a built-in cupboard in the alley for accessories. To avoid dark impression, this one is painted in white.

Small Space

It is almost like a cupboard. It is probably an add-in for the cupboard. It keeps shoes and jacket, all outdoor necessity.

The Corner of Your Home

This one is in one corner in the house. It consists of shelves, drawers, and area for hanged clothes. There is also ironing table to make sure everything can be done in a room.

Closet for Baby

If you have a child, you might want to use the small space to build closet for your baby. Although they are still infants, they have so many necessities. Thus, having small closet for them will make things tidier.

Square Space

In this small square space, the designer makes it ergonomic that you have space to hang your clothes, to put the folded ones, and even to keep your hats and bags.

White Tall Closet

When you have only small space, you might want to make it as “big” as possible. Then, you can make it big to the top. Like this one. The shelves are tall. It enables you to have areas for so many stuffs.

Closet for Children

When baby grow up, they will still so many things, including their toys. So, you might as well have closet for them too, if you have space even if it’s only small.

white wooden small closet with drawers for toys

Closet Redefined

Room for Clothes

This one is a simple small room that is used to keep clothes and bags, and of course clothes.

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