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crystal chandelier enclosed in a white blurred round cage Within Studio Interior Design

Cylinder Silver Lines Framed Closet Fixtures
Crystal Chandelier Enclosed In A White Blurred Round Cage
Beautiful Lucia Chandelier Iwht Yellow Bulb
Glass Pendant In Hexagonal
Gorgeous Glass Chandelier Shaped Like Wine Glass With Green Tint In The Point
Pendant With Black Wire Artistically Arranged Around Yellow Bulbs
Chandelier With Blown Glass And Fused Glass Around The Bulbs
Clear Hall Lantern Pendant In Acloset
Simple Small Chandelier With White Cage Around It
Glass Light Pendants On Top Of The Island

One little accessory can create a really different ambiance in a room.  Lighting can be decorative as well as useful in a room. When you have a simple small room, sometimes, you want something that can look different and makes a great difference to the room so that although the room is simple and small, it will still have a great light. You are able to do it with a simple solution like lighting. A small room like a closet deserves to look pretty too. And you can make it happen with only a lighting fixture. Below are some ideas you might like to see in considering the lighting fixture for your closet.

Silver Frame

This one is one lighting fixture you will not miss to notice. The sleek silvery metal cages the bulb looks modern and polished that the room brings the modern feeling to it.

A Mass of Pendants

This beautiful look lighting fixtures is something to die for. The glass pendant makes the lights seem floating beautifully. With this pretty lights play in the room, you will be able to see the room in a bright light and it is a great choice for closet as you will be able to mix and match without putting the wrong color.

White Cage

If you love beautiful art, you will love this crystal chandelier that is enclosed by a white blurred cylinder cage that will radiate the light in the perfect beams.

Small White Cage

This is another chandelier that circled with white round cage around it. Although it is similar with the previous, it is smaller and clearly has different effects.

Golden Framed Pendant

You can take a look at this beautiful pendant that radiates a beautiful light around the room and creates a pretty shadow in the ceiling.

Green Tint Chandelier

If you want something pretty with a hint of fresh natural green, you will love this chandelier. To a small closet, this lighting fixture will steal the attention on its unique shape.

Around the Wire

This one is a unique pendant that will give you a strange shadow in the ceiling and across the room for it black wires that surround the yellow light. The shadow lines create a beautiful feeling in the room.

Clear Pendant

If you like to have clear pendant, you will love this one. Beautifully designed, the shape of this pendant is unique and it will give your closet a great touch. Although it is clear glass, the shape is unique that it will look pretty in any room.

Beautiful Chandelier

This one is a simple yet beautifully designed cylinder chandelier. With bee hive patterned golden metal around, the chandelier looks luxurious. It is a good touch for very room.

Fused Glass Chandelier

This beautiful artistic chandelier is for anyone who loves rustic style; you might like this kind of chandelier in your closet.  This yellow bulb will radiates a beautiful light in the room.

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