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living room, white rug, whtie sofa, blue patterned chair, white ceiling, sun chandelier, coffee table Cuded

Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Beige Wall, White Ceiling, White Chairs, White Ottoman, White Fireplace
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Stone Accent Wall, White Floating Shelves, Fire Place, White Sofa, Whtie Chairs, Striped Rug, Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, White Wall, White Sofa, White Chair, White Woven Ottoman, Blue Glass Coffee Table
Living Room, Brown Floor, White Sofa, White Blue Wall, Sea Painting, Sconce, Wooden Table
Living Room, White Rug, Whtie Sofa, Blue Patterned Chair, White Ceiling, Sun Chandelier, Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, Blue Chairs, White Plank Wall, Wooden Ceiling, White Beams
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Cabinet, Beige Chair, Blue Table Lamp, Blue Pillows
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Shelves, White Fireplace, Beige Sofa, Rattan Coffee Table
Living Room, Blue White Striped Rug, White Coffee Table, White Wall, White Sloping Ceiling, White Sofa, Blue Chairs, Round Side Table, Floating Shelves, Pendant
Living Room, Brown Floor, White Wooden Planks Wall, Rattan Chair, White Sofa, White Round Coffee Table, Golden Pendant, Wooden Cabinet, Floor Lamp, Tv

Summer is one of the best time in the year. You would not have to worry about cold or rain. you can go outside as long as you want and get tanned. Or, you can go to your family’s summer house and have a great vacation with your closed ones. To make your summer house more summer-ish”, coastal style living room would be a great choice to try. Here below are some inspirations on coastal living room your might find interesting.

White Foam
One of the characters of coastal look is the combination of white and blue that resemble the white foam and blue sea. Seen in this living room, the combination of white and blue added with natural look helps the coastal vibe to pulls out.

Blue Sea
contrary to the previous one, this one here shows the blue sea side of the beach to present the coastal look. It is seen from the pretty blue chairs that looks bright and pronounced with white background and blue white striped rug.

Breezy Room
This soft looking coastal living room looks open and fresh with neutral colors and natural touch on it. The painting on the wall indicates this room’s intention in decoration.

Cozy Coastal
This beautiful and open living room shows so many accents of coastal style. Besides the white and blue colors on the seating, it also equipped with white wooden planks on the wall and rattan rug that initiates much beach vibes

Soft Beach
This living room with turquoise accent obviously looks coastal. The pendant on the ceiling shaped like sun makes this room look like a metaphor of a beach outside while the soft rug resembles the soft sand too.

Warm Beach
This one here creates coastal look by generating white and brown to resemble the foam and sand. If you love this kind of setting, you might also want to put a decoration that match your need, like a boat seen above the fireplace here.

Warm Corner
Similar to the previous one, this one also pulls out warm coastal look with its earthy colors on the chair, floor, and cabinet. Added by some blue decorations makes the room resembles a warm beach in the afternoon.

Small Beach
This small living room shows a fresh and fun look. The combination of white sofa and the natural material like rattan on the chair and wood on the cabinet is so pretty and endearing. Completed with golden light in the tall ceiling, the room is perfect.

Coastal Decorations
This living room has looked so coastal with its white sofa, wooden look on the floor and coffee table, and blue white striped rug. However, added by oar decoration and white stone accent wall, the coastal vibe is so prominent.

Rattan Statement
One of the characters that you can easily find in the coastal room is the use of natural material. And one of the materials with strongest look is probably rattan. This one here shows that rattan coffee table can look so pronounced amidst white and blue circumstance.

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