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Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Stripes Rug, White Sofa, Rattan Ottomans, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Chair With Cushions, White Wall, White Vaulted Ceiling, Rattan Pendants
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Planks Wall, Grey Sofa, Black Rattan Chair With Grey Cushion, Rattan Ottoman Storage, Coffee Table, Window
Living Room, Rattan Rug, Wooden Coffee Tables, White Fireplace, Blue Stripes Chairs, Built In Shelves
Living Room, Grey Rug, Grey Sofa, Stripes Ottoman, Blue Grey Square Ottoman Coffee Table, White Framed Window, Shelves, Stripes Shade, White Vaulted Ceiling
Living Room, Beige Rug, White Sofa, Blue Chairs, White Wall, Blue Cabinet, White Blue Coffee Table
Living Room, White Wood Planks Wall And Ceiling, Blue Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Coffee Table, Beige Sofa, Blue Covered Table Lamp, Wall Decorations
Living Room, Blue Floor, Rattan Sofa, Rattan Round Cofee Table, Rattan Chair, Rattan Side Table, Blue Accent Wall, Off White Wall, Shell Decor
Living Room, White Rug, Coffee Table, White Sofa, White Blue Chairs, White Wall, White Coferred Ceiling
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue White Rug, Brown Sofa, Rattan Side Table, Blue Chairs, White Chelves, White Fireplace, Plants
Living Room With Blue White Stripes, Beige Sofa, White Blue Chairs, Wooden Square Table, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Selves

Having a refreshing look in the living room that also reminds you of a warm sunny beach is an incredible thought. It can be applied to your house or beach house. Here below are some attractive look that you can get some inspirations from.

Stripes Rug
One of the blue image that can help in getting beach look is the blue and white stripes that can be in any furniture, be it in chairs, sofa, or rug, like this one. Seen here, the blue and white stripes gives a strong and great impression to admirers on how coastal it is, combined with white walls and sofa.

Stripes Accents
Also seen below is a beautiful beach inspired living room with more than one stripes-furniture. Looking so naturally white from the vaulted ceiling, this room also gives grey blue nuance from the sofa and rug but accentuates the stripes in some accents like ottoman, pillows, window shade, and curtain.

Natural Touch
Another thing that helps a room looks coastal is the natural material furniture, especially rattan. Seen here below is a living room that combines blue stripes chairs with the natural touches like wooden coffee tables, rattan rug, and visible fireplace with white open brick view.

Brown Wooden Planks
Wooden planks have been a strong characteristic of beach look due to its strong relation with wooden boats. Seen here, the floor and wall are all covered with wooden planks. Combined with a blue and white stripes rug and rattan ottoman, it is a beautiful living room.

More Layered
Of course, sometimes, when a room needs to have a look, some part of the characteristic are added. However, this one here not only added all the characters of beach living room, it combines it in layers. The floor are in three layers of natural wooden floor, rattan rug, and stripe rug. And not only that, the seating is also combining white and blue navy colors to wooden and rattan materials. The vaulted ceiling of white wooden planks and rattan pendants is both airy and beautiful.

Warm Coastal Living Room
Getting a coastal living room can make a room looks so refreshing and playful. However, it can also give you a warmth look when the natural touch in brown are strongly presented like this one here. It is seen in the wooden floor, rattan side table and coffee table. It is also seen in brown sofas that makes the room even warmer.

Small Light Blue
While navy blue can be a great reminder of a sea, light blue can do the works as well. As a great reminder of the blue wave that come crashing, light blue can also remind you of a bright sky on the beach. Combined with white and wooden furniture with rough finish, it looks incredible.

Plushed Beach
Regenerating beach look has commonly used white and blue colors. Ad this one here combines blue and white in balance. The textures are also interesting that it had several dimensions from the ceiling to the floor.

Beach Decors
Another thing that can be done in acquiring coastal look besides using white, blue, and natural touches used in the furniture is by adding decorations that is closely related to the sea like shell, fish paintings and pictures.

Dark Sea
Coastal look can look bright in one side but it can look dark in another side. This one here depicts how even the dark side can look warm and sophisticated. The matching rattan furniture of sofa, chair, round coffee table and side table are so beautiful. The stripes on the cushion makes an endearing coastal touch. The shell decorations on the wall gives a strong statement to the coastal look.

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