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Antique Trunk Coffee Table Gray Walls And Dark Hardwood Floors Quality Furniture And Persian Rugs Living Room Sofas
Round Coffee Table Rattan Basket White Rug Blue White Black Sofa Colorful Pillows Beige Wall White Ceiling Sea Painting Fire Place Free Standing Tv
Cow Hide Rug Rectangular Wooden Coffee Table Modern Sofa Beige Walls Framed Windows Hanging Lamp Marble Floor
Round Coffee Table Sofa Throw Pillows Ivory Rug Medium Toned Wooden Floor White Walls Wall Paintings
White Coffee Table Navy Blue Velvet Sofa Mosaic Wall Decoration Cream Rug White Walls Magazines And Books
Rectangular Coffee Table With Storage Living Room Rug Sofas Hanging Lamp Marble Floor Brick Wall White Wall
Dark Brown Coffee Table Beige Wall Wooden Wall Decoration Brown Pillow Soffa Lamp Table Cream Rug
Black Paint Rectangular Coffe Table Colorful Soft Woven Baskets Brown Walls Medium Tone Hardwood Floors A Standard Fireplace White Rug Wooden Chair
Glass Round Coffe Table Tree Root Leg Living Room Rug Sofas Light Toned Wooden Floor White Wall Chair Raise Cabinet
Wooden Coffee Table With Castors Livingroom Rug Wall Decoration Gray Wall Yellow Gray Pillows Yellow Chair Books Glass Vase

A coffee table is good furniture as it is a multi functional item in your house. It can also be used as your children’s space to do their activities, such as studying and painting. Thus, we need the coffee table to safe enough to be used by our kids. Here you can decide some kid friendly coffee table you can use.

Coffee Table on Calming Beige Living Room

Cream color gives soothing effect thus this color is commonly used as the main color. Here, the dark brown coffee table has the low height to make your kids to be comfortable. The adults may chat or helps the kids with the project. You can have the same lamp tables to balance the room.

Wooden Coffee Table

This round coffee table is quite safe for children around because it doesn’t use any glass. So it won’t have any sharp edges. Adding the basket beside the coffee table help your kid to tidy their playthings after they get tired.

Coffee Table with Colorful Woven Basket

You can have big coffee table and put some soft woven basket for the storage. Having storages in the living room teach your kid to be neat. Especially when there is no storage in the coffee table.

Eclectic Geek Themed Living Room

The living room here uses the coffee table and the owner put some books and magazines below. You can put some cartoon or children book to teach your kid to read since early age. The navy blue velvet sofa has kid friendly touch where it hide stains.

Coffee Table with Wheels

The wooden coffee table with wheels help you to move the table easily, especially on the carpet. The lock system will keep the coffee table to stay in your favorable place. The built in storage help you to store the books, or toys.

Unique Coffee Table for Eclectic Look

Using unusual coffee table can make it as the stand point in your living room. the coffee table below has distinctive legs to beautify the room. As it almost cover the space below it, you can keep the space or use it as a show case of unused toys.

Exotic Coffee Table

The round glass coffee table here also uses unusual legs, which is a big tree rot. The living room looks refreshing on this view and it is a good entertaining place for the family. However, don’t forget to smooth the coffee table edges for the safety of your kids.

Vintage Treasure Chest Coffee Table

Using antique trunk coffee table create an emotional touch in your living room, especially when this furniture is descended from generations. The height is toddler friendly to give a play surface.

Mid Century Themed Living Room

The use of cowhide as the rug create a mid century look on this living room. the hide matches the rectangular coffee table and the mid century modem sofa.

Playful Living room

The living room below is quite colorful and kid friendly due to the low coffee table. This spacious living room will be useful when your kids’ friends come to visit and play. The adults can watch the kids in the kitchen area.

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