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kitchen with tiles floor, blue wooden cabinet with silver knobs, dark blue marble top, white windows with blue curtains, white and blue backsplash A Blissful Nest

Kitchen With White Island Top, White Counter Top, Red Cabinet All Over
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet At The Bottom, Yellow Cabinet On Top Of The White Counter Top, Long Wooden Island With Lime Stools, Fan, Pendants
Kitchen With Tiles Floor, Blue Wooden Cabinet With Silver Knobs, Dark Blue Marble Top, White Windows With Blue Curtains, White And Blue Backsplash
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Green Cabinets, Cupboards, Shelves, Backsplash, Wooden Counter Top
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Black Wooden Wall, Black Cabinet, Silver Counter Top, Wooden Open Shelves, Brown Covered Pendant
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Rug, Warm Orange Cabinet, Orange Wall, White Counter Top, Wooden Shelves
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Pink Cabinet And Cupboards, Black Wall And Black Cabinet On Top With Glass Door
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Yellow Rug, Lime Cabinet With White Counter Top, Lime Cupboard On Top, White Subway Backsplash, White Open Shelvs
Kitchen With White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Cabinet, White Wooden Open Shelves, Wooden Island With White Top, Black Faucet, Knobs, Sconces
Kitchen With White Tiles On Floor, Brown Cabinet At The Bottom And Top Of White Kitchen Top, Silver Stove And Oven, Silver Fridge

White kitchen has been really popular. It’s practical and beautiful because in creating food, one feels comfortable in a clean sight. That’s why white is a really popular color for kitchen. Along with white, though, another color can deliver a pretty sight too. As long as the right kitchen cabinetĀ  and the right color is chosen, cooking will always feel comfortable. These below are some ideas on beautiful looking kitchen in several colors, including white and black.


White Farmhouse Kitchen

In delivering something warm, white is probably not the first color mentioned. It would be brown or light orange. However, this white kitchen here successfully delivers traditional kitchen with so much warmth. The open shelves are inviting and the wall supported the black pendant looks so homely.


Black Modern Kitchen

As black always successfully offers elegance and modern ambiance, this one here too is not slipped from that ambiance. The silver aluminum counter top helps this kitchen too look modern. Although, the wooden look balance this room to not go too cold.


Passionate Red

Having a kitchen that has strong passionate feeling can bi achieved by putting red in the kitchen. To make a bolder statement, this red glossy cabinet all over the kitchen can help with that. Combined with white counter top, this red color looks even more popped out.


Fresh Lime

To obtain a fresh look, a bright colors like lime is the best color to work on. To avoid getting too much, white tone can be a match to balance the color. Less bold backsplash and counter top is also a great match to the already strong looking color. With all those combination and a sweet yellow rug and windows, kitchen here looks so pretty, sweet, and fresh at once.


Muted GreenĀ 

If lime is too much, muted green can be another option in getting a fresh look kitchen. However, to tone it down even lower, using muted green color can be an option for those who love green but likes to make it calmer.


Calmed Yellow

Although yellow has always been that kind of color who always looks so bright and cheerful, in this one here, it becomes the calm and warm that still looks like energized.


Warm Orange

For those looking for a rustic orange, this kind of orange is a really beautiful choice. The warmth on the cabinet is strengthened with the wooden floor and the rug. The orange wall looks cheerful but it still matches the color and ambiance.


Calming Blue

While orange is warm, blue is calming. It can gives calming effect on people. And with blue kitchen, one will be able to cook and create in a really happy mood. In this kitchen below, the blue color is seen on the cabinets, countertop and curtain. Combined with white on the walls, it definitely a beautiful and calming sight.


Sweet Pink

Pink always creates sweet and romantic notion. Just like this one kitchen here, pink colors on the cabinet looks so muted and sweet. With its muted look, it somehow offers calming effect too. It looks incredibly good when it’s combined with black on the wall. The ashed wooden dining set completes the look pretty well in its pinkish hue.



Homey Brown

This one here is probably not a really popular color when it’s painted. Usually, people love the bare wooden look on the furniture. However, this brown painted cabinet has the durability like black color you’re safe from dirty looking kitchen. It also looks stable around the white and silver furnishing.

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