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bathroom, marble floor tiles, yellow wall tiles, white tub, pale yellow floating vanity, white toilet Essential Home

Bathroom, Blue Tiny Hexagonal Tiles On The Wall, Blue Patterned Wall, White Sconce, White Sink, Golden Sink
Bathroom, Marble Floor Tiles, Yellow Wall Tiles, White Tub, Pale Yellow Floating Vanity, White Toilet
Bathroom, Pattern Brown Floor Tiles, Purple Patterned Wall, White Wainscoting, White Toilet, Purple Lid, White Floating Cabinet, Mirror
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, Orange Wall Square Tiles, White Modern Vanity, White Round Sink, Mirror
Bathroom, Red Tiny Square Tiles On Wall And Floor, Floating Vanity, Mirror With Storage Behind
Bathroom, White Floor, Green Wainscoting, Green Wall, White Framed Window, White Sink, Red Rug, Golden Curtain Rail, Green Tub
Bathroom, Gray Floor Tiles, Orange Wave Patterned Wall, White Sink, Shelves, Golden Frame Mirror
Bathroom, Dark Green Wall, Pink Cabinet, Pink Framed Mirror, White Top
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, Purple Wall, White Toilet, White Sink, Mirror, Sconce
Bathroom, White Wall, Lime Wall And Floor, White Toilet, White Sink, White Toilet, Mirror, White Door

The time we spend in the bathroom might not be as long as the time we spend in another room. But that does not mean you can neglect the interior of your bathroom. As it is a place to cleanse your body, it can also be a great place to cleanse your mind. And only with a nice interior that it will be able to help you clean your mind. If you love to get a bold and strong bathroom, playing with colors and patterns is one of the tricks you can do. Here below are ten bathrooms you will love.

For the Love of Blue
Creating a bathroom with strong and bold look does not always mean that you have to block all the surface in the same room, although it will make the room looks spectacular too. Playing with pretty patterns on the wall will also brings the color strongly. But of course with a more interesting way.

Dark Green
Dark colors make a great deep look. It will create a deep dimension to the room that it will be great for a small and limited space. This bathroom bravely put dark green almost on the entire surface and it puts white on the floor and sink.

Pale Pink Cabinet
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses dark green wall to bring the strongest effect on the bathroom. With the interesting pale pink cabinet, the dark green room looks even darker and the pale pink cabinet looks more stark. It is such a sweet contrast.

Warm Orange
A bold color will make your room looks powerful. And that is what this one here shows. The orange wall with golden curve lines look so stunningly attractive. And it is pronounced b the grey floor tiles.

Tiny Orange Tiles
This one is also in energizing orange tiles. The warm and strong orange wall tiles bring out the exciting feeling. With this, your morning will always feels exciting.

Red Tiny Square
This tiny tiles will make the bathroom looks really strong with the color and the texture on the entire surface. The mirror without frame on the vanity makes the red view looks larger. Thus, the room feels even stronger.

Fun Lime
This one here is also an interesting and fun look from a bold bathroom. Using lime yellow color on the floor and lower part of the wall, it looks like the bottom part of the bathroom continue to a longer and deeper space.

Cheerful Sun
Wanna bring in the sunlight to the bathroom? This one here puts yellow as the bold color that decorate the bathroom. Besides yellow color, the architecture setting on the bathroom also brings in strong ambiance. Together, it is so stunning.

Sweet Purple
Soft color like purple is a nice color that will make a room look sweet and warm. This powder room shows a sweet ambiance, combined with white.

Romantic Pattern
Similar to the previous one, purple is also used in here. The combination of the different pattern on the wall and floor feels sweet and soft it’s romantic.

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