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bathroom with white wall, white framed window, mirror, shower area with glass partition, yellow white tiles floor, white toilet, yellow tissue holder, yellow cabinet with white sink Domino

Bathroom With Walls With Wallpaper, Black Gold Framed Wall Mirror, Golden Sconces, Green Cabinet With White Marble Top Sink, White Toilet, Wooden Floor
Bathroom With Wooden Floor, Shelves, Colorful Abstract Wallpaper, White Framed Window, White Marble Vanity With Sink, Golden Faucet, Glass Wall
Bathroom With Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Marbled Wall, Long Purple Cabinet, Long Mirror With Lampps On Top, Purple Cabinet Above
Bathroom With Flowery Wallpaper, Lime Colored Cabinet, White Tiles Floor, White Toilet, White Sconces, White Marble Top With Sink, Lime Framed Wall Mirror
Bathroom With Blue Cabinet, Blue Small Tiles, White Tiles Wall And Backsplash, White Sink, White Framed Mirror, Blue Painted Wall
Bathroom With White Wall, White Framed Window, Mirror, Shower Area With Glass Partition, Yellow White Tiles Floor, White Toilet, Yellow Tissue Holder, Yellow Cabinet With White Sink
Bathroom With Pink Wall Tiles, Red Framed Glass Partition, Black Shower Faucet, White Sink, Red Cabinet, White Wall
Bathroom With White Floor, Shocking Pink Cabinet With White Top, White Sink, Silver Faucet, Pink Towels, White Sconces, White Black Wallpaper
Bathroom With White Wall, White Hexagonal Small Tiles Floor, Pink Cabinet, Golden Framed Wall Mirror, Grey Marble Top With Sink, Golden Faucet, Golden Sconces
Bathroom With Blue Cabinet With White Top, Sink, White Framed Wall Mirror, White Sconces, Wooden Floor, Light Blue Mat, White Toilet

If you love to be thorough, you will want to take care of the cabinet for your bathroom too. Indeed, the favorite choice would be wooden colored or white cabinet but it doesn’t mean that other than those color, it would be unacceptable. Of course putting furniture in your home is letting your personality and preference shown. And for that, you can play with colors to show your preference in the bathroom cabinet.


Happy Yellow

For a start here, we will start with a really happy color of yellow. This bathroom is already cheerful because although the walls, windows, and toilet are on white, it has already yellow on tissue holder, and those beautiful tiles. So, it makes sense when you see yellow cabinet that makes the bathroom even more enthusiastic. However, you might note that the yellow they used is not a striking neon yellow but rather more calm yellow. It’s perfect for those who likes cheerfulness in certain level.


Royal Blue 

Blue has been a choice for those who admire maturity and loyalty. And that’s why this royal blue that looks so mature brings elegance to the simple white painted room. It doesn’t bring too strong note but it gives stability to the room.


Vintage Blue 

This blue bathroom has given vintage aura all around the room. You can see the beauty of white and blue colors combined together. The choice of mirror that looks antique, the faucet, and also the cabinet design. In this bathroom, the calm light blue has brought wisdom and tranquility to the bathroom that even though the shower are looks pretty modern, the vanity area has spoken for the bathroom.


Passionate Red 

If you’re bold and passionate, you might love red cabinet to decorate your bathroom. In this bathroom, the partition frame itself is on red so that the red cabinet is a match for the bathroom. However, even without the red frame, this red is not quite too striking that it will ruin the feeling of the bathroom. With simple design, this cabinet has spoken the boldness through the color.


Green Harmony

Green has been related to stability, harmony, and balance. In this bathroom, you can see that while the green cabinet gives a different touch compare to the other furniture, it also gives something stable. It does not change the balance of the room.


Fresh Lime 

If you love something bold, fresh, and cheerful, lime green cabinet can help you bring all those. In this bathroom, the simple design of the cabinet is necessary for the unique and bold color like lime. The flowery cheerful wallpaper helps to note that this bathroom is a very special one.


Compassionate Purple

Now, we move to purple that is said to be the highest level of color in spirituality. Well, it is also related to sensitivity. So, if you like purple and you want to choose purple to be your cabinet color, purple will help you bring the emotion and sensitivity in your bathroom. If you see the bathroom below, you can see that to make purple stands out the best, white is a perfect choice to match purple. IT brings out both white and purple color here.


Lovely Pink

From purple, we go to pink which always correlated with feminine color as it’s so lovely and compassionate too. As you can see in this bathroom that without the pink color, it’s all in white and black. However, with this striking pink cabinet, the bathroom turns into a cheerful, bold and lovely bathroom.


Soft Pink

While the previous one presents a more cheerful note, this one here is softer and calmer. With soft and light pink color, this one here gives more to elegance and mature feeling. Similar with the previous one though, white has been the combination to this colored cabinet. And while it strengthen the boldness in the previous one, white has helped its subtlety here.


Adventurous Orange 

Orange is one of those colors that gives you optimistic and cheerful feeling when you look at it. And that’s exactly what you get when you bring the orange cabinet into your bathroom. In this bathroom, you can see that the wallpaper itself has brought so many colors in abstract pattern. However, although it seems it would be really messy with colors, this muted orange combined with that wallpaper do not bring the problem inside.

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