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dining room, wooden floor, pink wallpaper with plants, pink cream chairs, green chair, white chair, white pendants with pink fringes, mirror ceiling Instagram - Soniya

Dining Room, White Floor, White Black Rug, Rectangular Wooden Table, White Table, Yellow Curtain, White Pendants, Blue Chairs, Round Glass Table
Dining Room, White Black Floor, Pink Wall, Golden Black Round Table, Colorful Velvet Chair, Goden Chandelier
Dining Room, White Blue Striped Zigzag, White Wall, Patterned Curtain, White Chandelier, Brown Dining Table, Orange Chairs, Grey Cabinet, Black Table Lamp
Dining Room, Black White Chevron Rug, Wooden Table, Yellow Modern Chairs, Wooden Wall, Colorful Painting,
Dining Room, White Chevron Floor Tiles, White Blue Wall, Oval Dining Table, Chairs, Grey Rug, Pink Door, Red Blue Yellow Pendants
Dining Room, White Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs With Colorful Cushion, Colorful Curtain
Dining Room, White Black Patterned Rug, Pink Yellow Patterned Rug, Pink Yellow Chairs, Pink Wall, Oval Glass Dining Table, White Chandelier, Yellow Green Cabinet
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Pink Wallpaper With Plants, Pink Cream Chairs, Green Chair, White Chair, White Pendants With Pink Fringes, Mirror Ceiling
Dining Room, Patterned Floor, Pink Green Chairs, Green Pendant, Round Glass Dining Table, Pink Wall, Pink Sofa, Green Curtain
Dining Room, Pink Pattern Rug, White Wall, Yellow Cabinet, Wooden Table, Black Modern Chairs, Exposed Wall, Red Purple Blue Green Pendants

Dining room is always fun to talk about. The decorations, the setting and the ambiance that you want to create is important to this room. As a place of social gather and eating, dining room is like a combination of kitchen and living room. For those who love to create more fun and cheerful vibe in the dining room, here below are ten cheerful and fun dining room to get some inspirations from.

Fun Pattern
If you want to create a lively look, combining several patterns into the room would obviously help you get what you want. This one here puts a great example with white wall, patterned curtain and patterned chairs. The table itself has interesting details that makes it even more lively.

Vibrant Pattern and Color
This grand dining room has an interesting bold look with yellow curtain and large black and white rug. This strong touches make a more fun ambiance, especially with plants, blue chairs and paintings added.

Vibrant Touches
With white canvas, it is fun to put vibrant touches. It would look more pronounced and strong. This one puts a vibrant orange door with colorful details that is combined with electric blue on the wall. These vibrant colors are welcomed by neutral yet glittering vibe.

Green Pink
This dining room has a really strong impression. The room combines vibrant patterns, material and color. The pink green contrast looks amazing on the floor and chairs while theceiling gives a strong green accent with unique pendant.

Orange Chairs
This dining room has a strong touch, seen in the orange chairs. These orange chairs, although warm, makes the room feels bright. Combined with white blue striped rug and colorful curtain, the dining room has a fun contrast.

Pink and Yellow
This is another vibrant room with strong pink color. Combined with yellow, pink looks even more fun. The pink wall is a really strong background for the pink yellow chairs and rug, as well as the yellow-green cabinet. The white chandelier does not look as neutral as it used to be in this room.

Soft Patterns
Combining grand patterns is always so exciting. This one also puts a pink and green combination but it milder vibe. The flowery wallpaper gives a pretty background to the eclectic dining set. This dining set is completed with pendants with pink fringe which makes the ambiance feel merrier, not to mention the double vibe from the ceiling mirror.

Eclectic Dining
This eclectic dining looks amazing with interesting color combination seen on the chairs, colorful paintings and black white floor tiles.

Colors in Rustic Room
This simple dining room with rustic details, yellow and pink colors look so pronounced and bold. The yellow cabinet makes a bold line in the back while the pink rug brings sweet touch to the room.

Colorful Painting
This dining room gives off a vibrant colorful vibe especially front he colorful painting on the wall. The yellow chairs and striped rug completes the look even better.

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