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kitchen, wooden floor, blue cabinet, wooden top, white backsplash tile, white ceiling, blue shade, blue pendant, black table set Homespecially

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Cabinet, Wooden Top, White Backsplash Tile, White Ceiling, Blue Shade, Blue Pendant, Black Table Set
Kitchen, Wooden Chevron Floor, Green Cabinet, Terazzo Top, White Wall, Floating Wooden Box Shelves, Wooden Pantry
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Yellow Wooden Cabinet With Black Top, Yellow Island With Wooden Top, Wooden Stools, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Dining Table
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Orange Brown Cabinet Blocks, Steel Ktchen Top, Pendant, Steel Hood
Kitchen, Red White Plaid Floor, White Wall, Soft Green Upper Bottom Cabinet, White Backsplash, Wooden Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Subway Wall Tiles, Blue Cabinet, Steel Kitchen Top, White Marble Top, Steel Hood, Wooden Table Set
Kitchen, Black Floor Tiles, Grey Bottom Cabinet With White Top, White Backsplash, Yellow Shelves
Kitchen, White Floor, White Square Backsplash Wall, White Square Top Tiles, Green Pantry, Pink Island With Pink Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Upper Cabinet, Yellow Blue Upper And Bottom Cabinet, Grey Kitchen Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Grey Cabinet And Patnry, Yellow Shelves, Grey Wall, Blue Fridge

Having colors in the kitchen can make the kitchen feels energizing and fun. Beautifully designed, it will make you feel always positive even if you face failure in your cooking. And these below are stunning kitchens with strong color playing that will make you feel happy while you cook.

Happy Blue
As a color that can be matched with another color easily, blue is a safe color. When it is matched with neutral brown and white, it blends easily while also bring calm and fun at the same time.

Warm Yellow
Although yellow is regarded as a bright and fun color, this one here also gives a warm ambiance to the kitchen. With this warm yellow, the time in the kitchen will obviously comfortable and energizing at the same time. Completed with white tiny wall tiles, it brings the kitchen more details and textures.

Yellow Bricks
This one here has a very unique arrangement in the kitchen. It has a modern and fun look with grey and yellow storage in the kitchen. However, not only that, the tall ceiling above the kitchen is used to continue the yellow shelves that it becomes not only the storage for kitchen tools but also for anything in the upstairs need it to be.

Yellow Accent
Similar to the previous one, this one also has yellow accent on the shelves. Installed on the upper part of the dark grey cabinet, this yellow accent looks pronounced. And to make it more fun, the same setting is added on the other part of the cabinet.

Bright Blue
A fun look is seen in this kitchen with bright blue upper and bottom cabinet. Decorated with brown wooden handler on the bottom cabinet that matches wooden kitchen top, it looks beautiful overall.

Yellow Blue
This one radiates fund and fresh ideas with the combination of yellow and blue on the kitchen cabinet. This mix is also complemented with neutral white upper cabinet.

Soft Green
Green is always good to have either in dark or in soft and light look like these cabinets. Complemented in contrast with red white checkered pattern on the floor, these two colors look strong and interesting in combination. It makes the kitchen looks unique.

Warm Orange
This one here successfully create a warm and fun ambiance at the same time in he kitchen. It shows how pretty the fusion between pink, yellow, orange, and brown is. The square blocks make you feel energized when you see them.

Industrial Look
This kitchen brings an interesting ambiance with its pink and green colors combined with white square tiles on the kitchen top. The unfinished look on the wall gives an interesting feeling to the colorful and patterned surrounding.

Playful Terrazzo
This one here is not only being playful with the green cabinet but also with the colorful terrazzo on the kitchen top. It brings an even more fun look.

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