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living room, wooden floor, red velvet chair, yellow ottoman, zebra patterned chair, red geomterical rug, red coffee table

Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Sofa, Red Chair, Blue Ottoman, Round Coffee Table
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, White Marble Coffee Table, White Lounge Chair, White Thin Book Shelves
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Bean Bag, Blue Ottoman, Glass Table, Brown Chairs, Grey Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Velvet Sofa, Glass Coffee Table, Patterned Rug
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Dark Green Sofa, Brown Leather Chair, Wooden Floating Shelves, Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Coffee Table, Yellow Chair, Red White Striped Chair, Green Purple Chair, Grey Sofa, Black Modern Chandelier, White Fireplace
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Chair, Grey Sofa, Wooden Coffee Tbale
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Coffee Table, Striped Chair, Green Sofa, White Wall
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Red Velvet Chair, Yellow Ottoman, Zebra Patterned Chair, Red Geomterical Rug, Red Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Colorful Patterned Rug, Stack Of Patterned Matress, Yellow Chair,

Decorating living room is always exciting. It is because you would imagine positive and comforting thoughts on creating comfortable and fun place to relax and to hold conversation with your love ones. As there are many themes to beautify your room, there would be so many options you can go with. However, if you love colorful and merry theme, you would love to peak at some thrilling living room decorated with patterns and colors below.

Colorful Stack
This living room has brought a fun and cheerful notion with the colors on the mattress stacked no the floor. Not only that it gives cheerful colors, it also gives comfort, especially with pillows added on top of it.

Unique Lounge Chair
Creating comfortable living room can be done with fluffy sofa and bookshelves for those who love reading. But, adding a unique lounge chair like this one can actually make the room looks more incredible while making more comfort.

Deep Colors
Combining colors does not always mean combining vibrant colors. This one here beautifully combines deep and warm colors into a comfortable looking living room. The spacious sofa looks incredible to lay around while the butterfly chair adds a more warm accent.

Colorful Touches
This living room looks freshly out of the candy making oven. The stripes, vibrant color and unique shape make a impressive and unique nuance. This all completed with white coffee table and black chandelier that looks equally interesting.

Striped Candy
Similar to the previous one, this living room also gets the candy-like touches. The black and white striped details on the chair and the fresh green sofa along with the colorful pillows make the freshest look out of this living room.

Red Patterns
If you love red but you don’t want to decorate a too intimidating living room, this kind of patterns and mix and match can make a room look fun instead. The red chairs, geometrical rug and coffee table get along well with the mustard ottoman and zebra patterned chair.

Warm and Vibrant
This one here combines warm and vibrant ambiance perfectly well. The warm yellow sofa looks complementing with the red chair and blue ottoman. The colorful rug gathers all the color to be unified.

Comfort Blue
If you love to create the most comfortable living room, you might to have something like this one below. The big sofa best looks both luxurious with its velvety look as well as fun and bold with its dark blue color.

Laying Around in Blue
This is another living room that allows you to have the most comfortable time. The blue lounge bean bag allows you to have comfort from the chair to the ottoman. The orange butterfly chairs complete the comfort in this room.

Eclectic Comfort
This living room also gives out a unique and cozy ambiance with its neutral sofa and unique chair. Although the color is quite neutral, the design makes an interesting touch to the room.

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