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living room, pink patterned floor, pink ceiling, pink wall, pink sofa, pink coffee tbale, golden balls pendnats Cameron Design House

Living Room, Green Floor, Pink Wall, Brown Curtain, Green Sofa, Pink Ottoman, Brown Round Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Pink Sofa With Green Leaves, Round Coffee Table With Rattan Details, Pink Fringe Pendant, White Fireplace
Living Room, Black Wooden Floor, Blue Velvet Sofa, Pink Wall, Patterned Wall, Mirrors, Golden Nesting Side Table
Living Room, White Patterned Floor, White Patterned Wall, Green Patterned Wall, Pink Sofa, White Sofa, Green Chairs, White Floor Lamp
Living Room, White Floor, White Sofa, Blue Tufted Chairs, Otttoman, Nesting Round Coffee Table
Living Room, Pink Patterned Floor, Pink Ceiling, Pink Wall, Pink Sofa, Pink Coffee Tbale, Golden Balls Pendnats
Living Room, White Wall, Black Chair, Golden Side Table, Blue Wall Blue Tufted Sofa
Living Room, Grey Rug, Grey Wallpaper, Yellow Green Sofa, Silver Coffee Table
Living Room, Green Floor, Pink Brown Wall, Pink Brown Ceiling, Golden Pendant, Green Thin Sofa, Tray Coffee Table
Living Room, Seamless Floor, White Exposed Wall, Pink Curvy Sofa, Round Beige Rug

For those who love vibrant look whether from the color, pattern or design, creating the living room to a merry and exuberant vibe while also trying to make the living room a place that is comfortable for everyone to talk and relax. With fun living room, your house would be perfect for party and another social gathering. With fun living room, you would also feel energized and amazing when you stay at home. If you are looking for some inspiration to decorate your living room, here below are ten stunning fresh and colorful living room you will want to see.

Green Green Room
For you who love the fresh green look, this one here puts a beautiful green living room. The green floor, shelves and curtain looks vibrant and the green sofa and plants balance the vibrant look with softer shade. The brown wall makes a neutral background and the golden ring pendants make elegant touches.

Pastel Vibe
This colorful living room makes a softer look with soft pink wall and soft blue sofa. the patterned details on the wall and pink accessories make the room looks more interesting. The golden accents here bring out more elegant vibe.

Pink Ambiance
This grand living room brings out a really sweet and pretty ambiance. The pink ceiling, floor and tables support the soft and sweet vibe in the room. The golden balls on the net above give a unique and fresh touch to the pink room.

Fresh Pattern
This living room has a fresh look with its pattern details. The pattern on the wall and sofa give refreshing touch while the wooden floor and rattan tables. This combination, along with pink fringe pendant, makes the room look incredible.

Pretty Accents
This living room brings amazing accents that you can see in so many places from the ceiling to the floor. This patterned accents combined beautifully in the living room while the sofas give soft and pastel balance to it.

Unique Sofa
This living room gives a unique look with the green sofa and pink ottoman. This pink and green setting match the green floor and pink wall and give calmer details and balance.

Soft Modern Living Room
If you love modern look, you might not like too many colors in your room. This one here shows how modern space can uses colors. The soft and pastel colors on the curtain and sofa makes the room feel cheerful yet still have minimalist vibe.

Vibrant Sofa
This living room opt to put a bright and unique sofa to make it vibrant while using a calmer and softer colors for the wallpaper while neutral look is seen on the floor.

Pink Snake
This neutral living room looks really alive with pink sofa in curvy design. This pink sofa has been a strong point in this large living room.

Blue Tufted
This is another living room that has an interesting sofa. The blue tufted sofa looks great and pretty with the blue wall and white sconces and floor.

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