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orange living room with colorful board, purple sofa and chair, yellow coffee table, blue rug, pink round lamp Pinterest

Living Room With Black, Orange, Blue, Grey, Pink, White Painted Wall, Grey Sofa, Orange Coffee Table
Home Office Space With White Red Green Block Of Tiles On The Wall, Industrial Lamps, Dark Wood Table, Green Chair
Kitchen With Yellow, Black, Grey, Blue, Red Color Blocks On The Wall, White With Coor Bits Patter Counter Top, Blue Cabinet, Red Shelves
Corner Dining Space With Purple Wall, Green Table, Red Chairs, Purple Plates
Living Space With Blue Yellow Red White Color Patterns On The Wall, Hanging Lamp, White Unique Coffee Table, White Red Stool, White Blue Small Chair
Orange Living Room With Colorful Board, Purple Sofa And Chair, Yellow Coffee Table, Blue Rug, Pink Round Lamp
Bedroom With Turquoise Wall, Beige Wall, Wooden Floor, Beige Rug, White Bed, Yellow Pillows And Blanket
Bedroom With Black And White Striped Wall, Beige Rug, Red Cabinet, Colorful Bedding, White Table Lamp
Dining Room With Dark Blue Wall, Wooden Floor, Yellow Table, Purple Chairs, Yellow Floor Lamp, White Fireplace, Black Ceiling Lamp

Bold and bright colors are for those who love to try to be daring and brave even in their own supposedly calming and comfortable house. Or rather, those with bright characters will indeed feel calming and comfortable in bright colored house or interior. If you’re that kind of person who love to always feel energized by the bright and bold colors, you would love to see some ideas on colors definers on interior.


Striped Living Room

Ever want to have a striped yet not monotone room? Well, you can change the color of the stripes with more challenging colors from the soft and nude ones to the bright and bold ones. Here below is the example of how it can be more neutral colors. And, you might have noticed the stripes are not only on the wall but also pass the accessories on the wall. Leaving the sofa and bright orange coffee tableĀ  out from the stripes pattern, this one is really an interesting piece.


Patterned Living Space

For you who love patterned wall with bold statement, you will love something like here below. The beautiful modern pattern of the wall matches really well with the coffee table with the same theme and low chairs. This might not a living room goal but it is a pretty sight for a space between the rooms.


Colorful Boards

In attempting colorful room, you don’t have to paint all the surface in colorful paintings or patterns. Using colorful boards as big accessories can help you to gain the look you want. You can arrange stacks of boards and put other bold furniture to match the look.


Colorful Tiles on Home Office

Besides living room, one other room that will be great to be placed with colorful traits is home office. When you work from home, you will often face bore. That’s why, colorful wall might make you feel less agitated to get out of the room and roaming other activities and neglect your real work.


Color Blocks on the Kitchen

Next, here is how kitchen will survive color blocks. With different color blocks on the wall, the room looks edgy. And, the counter top, even it’s majorly white, has color bits pattern on it that makes it complements each other even they’re different.


Dine in Colors

If you wonder how a dining room can be colorful, you can take a beautiful example below. With dark canvas of wall, the yellow brush of table and lamps looks so bold. And so are the purple chairs and rug that both intriguing and a match to the theme.


Colorful Corner to Dine

For those who have limited spaces but still a sucker of colorful theme, corner dining area like this can serve you well. With bold purple wall, red chairs and the blossoming flowers, the dining corner doesn’t look so cornered anymore.


Colors in Bedroom

While sometimes people like to show their bold characters through the bold color, when it comes to a bedroom, many suggest to consider your choice of colors. And the reason is simply because color can affect your mood. And when you try to rest, you will want it to help you calm. However, you still can show your bold traits through the accent in your bedroom like stripes wall in monochrome colors or having some small sized furniture in bold colors.


Bold on Calm

This one here also shows how minimalist bedroom with turquoise painted wall and beige wall, floor, rug has striking yellow pillows and blanket. And even though the bold color is only yellow, the room has bright enough.

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